Kalaeny's School for Gifted Young Children

Arianna’s diary: entry 11

No offence to Sucy but after the last few days I don’t think I’m too keen on magic right now. We’ve just left her families tower and we’ve given testimonies to the royal guards who came to inspect things. Sorry, getting a bit ahead of myself again, a bit of backstory first. Sucy needed some help after her Grandfather did… things in his room at the top of their tower so myself, Viscardi, Silas and Eriis went to investigate and it was clear from the start that things were weird. Before we could even start exploring we had to go through one of three doors that would wither make us grow, change us or make us lose something. I chose the first one and passed through now far larger than the others while Eriis lost her trap rod, Silas became a half-orc and Viscardi became an adorable little goblin. I don’t think he enjoyed that but he was just so cute. Along the way we met a bunch of little gremlins looking for magic and shiny things who Eriis stuck into her backpack and a larger gremlin who sold us a map to the tower. The tower also had a bunch of bad guys in it; sentinel golems that shot magic at us, a magic snake with creepy eyes that made everything go dizzy when we looked into them and a large beetle that drained our life force. That last one actually had a bunch of jewels and a magic decanter that would heal us if we drank blood from it which works fine enough even though it almost makes me sick with the taste. Further on we found a really big gremlin called Knob who really didn’t like magic and was causing problems for the other gremlins so we killed him too. He had a big shiny horn so I took that while Silas took a bunch of his other body parts for testing. Later on we found a nice construct called defect who helped the gremlin from earlier to help Silas with something. It took a while but when they were done he came back with this big wheel that he can use to beat up bad guys which is pretty awesome. We came to a split in the path further on though with two doors, one with words written in some outsider language and the other written in undead language. Silas and Eriis went through the first door while myself and Viscardi went through the second. I’m not sure what the others found but we found a talking skull that gave us some pretty good advice. Viscardi got a magic bell from him while he told me how to deal with a certain issue I have right now. It didn’t take long until we all met up again and we fought this necromancer fey creature who wasn’t really all that tough all things considered. After we dealt with him we came up to this pool of blood and Viscardi rang the magic bell, which ended up cursing us in return for some magic loot. In retrospect I’m not sure if it was worth it since it wasn’t the best stuff and every now and then I get really dizzy and confused. 

Finally though we made it to the top of the tower where we used the water from a magic well and returned to normal (still cursed but I wasn’t big anymore) and we went through a magic mirror which led to a bunch of winding paths that were really hard to understand. We found more sentries that we had to destroy, a bunch of gremlins who were killed by a mutated Ettin (we looted all the bags nearby without it noticing) a huge creature that we fed enchanted armour to and a magic flame that enchanted the new rapier that I bought from the gremlin (it has fire now). Also, Eriis licked some yellow liquid that the creature left after feeding and she ended up shooting lighting out of her. 

Before we continued on though we decided to rest up for a bit and that was when I had another bad dream. These three flying snake creatures came up to me and offered me some kind of gift. First of all I could figure out that Grandfather sent them because when I said no they mentioned something about passing on the message. Secondly if he wants to give me something maybe he shouldn’t send people that are obviously evil and who kept laughing at me and finally if he wants to give me something then he should come himself next time. I mean, he did tell me not to be too trusting. 

We were all suprised when we neared the end of the tower though as we met a government official who also turned out to be an agatheon. He actually made Viscardi a paladin and he asked me to drink some of his blood, a reward for saying no to Grandfather apparently. Also something is up with Mr Kalaeney because as it turns out he knew what was happening here but asked the royal guard to let us deal with everything, I might need to bring this up with him when we’re in school next. Anyway we entered though the final door and met up with Sucy’s Grandad who transformed into a creepy snail monster and used some really unfair time magic. He reversed gravity, shot Silas with a cannon and did… other things that I don’t want to get into but in the end we somehow beat him. Defect, who he was keeping suspended in air smashed a pocket watch he was holding and the tower and Mr Draconia changed back to normal, the latter Viscardi immediately bound and gagged. Afterwards the royal guards swept through the tower for evidence and took him away, asking us to give statements about what was happening in there. While I’m happy that we could help Sucy that adventure showed me that I can’t hold off from dealing with this issue anymore and I think I know how to deal with it. I just need to get a few things from the market and some friends who I can trust to keep this secret.

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Eleven
An Angry but GOOD Goblin

Why must the World punish the good?! Here I am trying my damnedest to be a good person and I’m just shit out of luck. After going to help Susie (again) we entered her home now a gargantuan unending spire. To pass we had to choose to lose something, change or grow. I chose to change after all, I am changing. This was a mistake. Passing through the archway everything looked a lot bigger. I thought I’d shrunk. Then I heard my voice. A shrill cry. That doesn’t happen when you shrink. The others began to laugh and point, I’d become a goblin. It was then I began to question being a paladin. I have never wanted to kill as much as I did then. Pure seething rage boiled inside of me. Which I imagine only made it all the funnier as an outraged tiny Goblin began screaming about the injustice of it all.

Pressing on we had literally no idea where we were going but there were these small creatures, small even by my now diminished standards. Defeating them with ease I began stabilising them. That’s what good people do right? Then Eriis announced that she wanted to keep them as pets. So, we started kidnapping them. I believe this is not good but better than killing them I suppose? This being good stuff is complicated.

We met an industrious gremlin that sold us a map and the key to the map afterwards. Not that I’m bitter. We progressed onwards killing I would say aimlessly but we’re technically ascending this spire. We found something called a sneko. I wanted to capture and tame it but that was just another mistake. Looking into it’s eyes I couldn’t tell which way was up, where I was or why I was there. Quite disorientating.

We were warned of two creatures. A gremlin of larger than average proportions, but he had loot so naturally we all decided he had to die. Then some beetle that was impenetrable from its rock-hard shell, but a soft underbelly was quite the weakness. We found the creature and slew it. Cracking it open we found jewels and treasure and some bizarre artefact. Silas informed me that it was in some way attuned to blood magic. Having taken significant wounds fighting the large beetle I simply let my blood drain into the decanter.

I’m not sure how we came to the conclusion that I should drink it, but we did. And it healed the majority of my wounds. Damn good artefact. I proposed I continue to blood let so that the others could heal but Silas advised me not to martyr myself just yet. I’m fairly certain doing that would have gotten me another good point but fine I guess.

Arianna’s diary: entry 10

I expected things to go back to normal after the field trip, a nice mid-term break to help put things back in order. If anything though, things have gotten way worse and now I’m not sure about anything anymore. After Sucy’s party I went home in a pretty bad state, it took me a few hours to notice a book lying on my bed, a kind of mini-encyclopaedia of celestial outsiders. The next morning though I found the book again with the words “I’ve found you” written inside and graphite smudges on my fingers. As you might expect I was a bit scared out of my mind and locked myself in my room for the day. Silas came over to invite me to a party in the Temple District but I didn’t respond, afraid that I might have been possessed or something. When he left though, I opened up the door for my Dad and told him what happened. It turned out that the book belonged to him and he told me that I was probably just sleepwalking. The next night was absolutely horrible though with nightmares that I’m still trying to forget and as a result I didn’t leave my room for a few days and barely got any sleep. 

Eventually Silas came back, probably a bit intrigued with what happened last time and I quickly pulled him through the door and told him what happened. He went out and did his usual deducing and investigating and told me to get Viscardi and Eriis while he had a talk with Dad. I found Viscardi living with Averandus’ uncle Damien as he’s trying to become a paladin and I found Eriis at home. By the time I got back home though, Silas had figured out that my dad was being possessed and mum was unconscious in the basement. Viscardi told me that it was a Shadow Angel when it conjured a scary looking scythe and asked to speak to me alone. At that point I really regretted getting angry with Viscardi over the incident with his Grandfather as I started speaking with mine. It turns out that I’m not exactly an Aasimar, but something in between that and a Tiefling since my Grandad is a fallen Azata. He said that I wasn’t using my full potential and that I could do a lot more if I was more organised and less trusting. I’m not really sure how it ended as I collapsed soon after and was taken to hospital and woke up with my friends sitting around me. Silas asked my again if I wanted to go with them to the party but it really didn’t seem like a good idea. Eriis offered to buy me a hotel room for the night as my house was being investigated, which reminds me I really need to thank her for that.

The next day I went to the library to find any information that I could on my Grandad. As it turned out I also bumped into Damien looking for booms for Viscardi and he invited me round. It was a few hours later that he was visited by Viscardi’s father who wanted him to come home and when he refused Damien quickly beat him back. Two days later we were allowed back in our home and the day after, Dad explained things to me. It turns out that he knew my Mum and that she was that Devil’s daughter and he tried to help her get away from him. Things went wrong though and eventually we ended up in the predicament that we found ourselves in. I think everyone knows that I’m taking things hard right now since Silas, Damien and dad have told me that I’m a good person but I’m just not sure anymore. What if Grandad was right, what if people around me keep dying and getting hurt because I’m trying to fight against what I really am? What if changing could give me the power to help and save people? I’m just not sure anymore and I need a lot of time to think about this. 

On the plus side school has started up again so things will hopefully get a bit more normal now. Granted it could have been a better start since we had Dr Millbit 3 times today. He covered today’s natural studies class and told us stuff about werewolves, a bit out of the blue there and went on about the elemental plains or something in his usual class. We also had PE where Sereen and Silas had a “duel” by which I mean Silas took her skin off her body. As you can imagine that didn’t go down well with everyone else. We finished the day with languages and was a bit a stuck on whether to learn Draconic or Infernal, just in case Grandad decided to send me any messages. In the end though I went with draconic. On the whole it was a pretty normal first day back and I was pretty glad about that. Still, I think I need to take up a new hobby to take my mind off some things and on a positive note my birthday isn’t coming up soon so I guess that’s something to look forward to. I hope. 

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Ten
Field Trip Conclusion and Party

I failed Spectacularly at convincing the bastards to leave their tower. While we convinced three managers they brought 20 undead guards, 10 soldiers and an elite bodyguard. But they were no match for us, in as much as none of them could swim when Blood Vision struck. To be fair neither could I so I just marched in my heavy armour and tried to poke people to death. After the water battle we finished off the Manager of the Inquiries department and his undead horde.

Taking the fight to the bank we walked in followed by our Goblin allies. Bigboom and the Boomsticks. I never expected the Goblins would also be so thoroughly inbred as to spawn gunslingers as well. Truly bizarre. Anyway, we dispatched everyone with ease until we reached the department of National Organization. This manager had a thing for snapping the necks of the unfocused. After allowing Achlys to vent regarding the sheer stupidity and inefficiency that this methodology created we killed him. This time with much greater difficulty.

Then came human resources. I still believed that for a manager to rule this department they should have been a grossly incompetent, inactive pencil pusher. Instead we found something almost as inefficient. The manager was a necromancer who used his undead minions to do agonizingly slow work. Apparently putting in effort was inefficient. Again, Achlys vented and we did battle. This was a bit more embarrassing as my inability to vault over cubicle walls caused a few to be broken and I to tumble and crash through.

Finally reaching the penthouse we brought the destruction expected of our group. I set fire to the orgy tent and went to do battle with the Rakshasa that none of were surprised to see. Except possibly Arianna, she was looking a bit… Dimmer than usual. The battle was fierce and honestly a lot more harrowing than we were expecting. Arianna was disarmed and then nearly consumed in a similar fashion despite my best efforts to help. Achyls though was to deal the finishing blow… I’m not sure to be honest, was difficult to see what happened. But the Rakshasa was pushed out the window. When we got to the bottom it was relatively intact. Except for the head which had rather spectacularly exploded.

We failed to retrieve Arianna’s new sentient rapier and she went a bit mental. Destroying the office while Achlys lorded over his victory over inefficient, incompetent deviants. Then the Tower began to collapse as a giant golden drill tore through it. Leaving with the goblins within the day Mrs Arael came to pick us up. Achlys and Arrianna left but Eliise and I went into the deep woods with her to see the Elves down there. Eliise clearly wanted a fight and was disappointed as Mrs Arael guided us away from danger at every turn.

Then I saw them the Dark Wood Elves. Well Elf. They had an ethereal glow and otherworldly beauty. And then they were gone. Wanting to pursue further we were called through the portal. Still somewhat stunned we went into the assembly hall and were told that it was now half-term. Also, after asking after it I discovered it wasn’t graded.

So talking and catching up with Hisun he told me that he had a pretty standard adventure. There were dragons and princesses. Right up his alley. For some reason the only thing that occurred to me in our adventure was that our dragon had died. I wish I’d saved it.

Going home to get rest and a good shower I met my sister. She asked after our brother but didn’t care to push further after I said he left. She called me a fuckwit, I called her a bitch. I proceeded to lose the physical confrontation as she cut a rather large hole in my chest and cauterised it. I packed my things and left for Hisun’s. He’d help. It was only after I knocked on the door that I realised my error as his brothers charged out to meet me. Thankfully I was rescued from my imminent death under the guise of hospitality by their father who brought me to the hospital. It seems logical now that he did it. Hisun stayed with me while I was in. He’s really sweet. Not sure what he sees in me given that I often struggle to cope with his affection. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s one of the few things I look forward to it just… always catches me off guard and I’m not great at reciprocating it.

Anyway, the next day I, well Hisun was invited to a party and so was I. After being threatened by a mini Azata covered in rainbows. I’d be angry if it wasn’t so damn colourful. Setting off to get a present I found a strange puzzle box for 100 gold. It’s fun having this money from the field trip. I then went to get the others. Arrianna and Eliise were happy to come along but Achlys’ parent kicked me out and apparently he’s exchanging school. I waved goodbye, but I don’t think he saw. Will be a shame to see him go.

The party was fun, we gave Sucy her presents and she was ecstatic. Averandus had got her a really good spell book, it was filled with predesigned spells. Then there was a new kid. Cylus. I don’t like his eyes. He looks at me like he knows and understands me. I don’t like it. He also was in general a bit of a dick. I’m going to have to stop wearing those suits. We destroyed everything about that society and yet I am still being compelled to recommend them. A shame I do like them. Maybe I can get help to remove the compulsion.

Then we played truth or forfeit. Sucy’s grandfather had made it by accident which… is never good coming from a crazy wizard living in a tower. Initially it was simple asking us what our favourite colour was, and someone lied so we were ticked with electricity. While fun and harmless the cube was clearly angered. Next it asked what we were most afraid of. I answered first seeing hesitation and it infuriated me. What did they have to fear?! I answered my mother. The others gave their answers and Averandus’ struck a chord. His Grandfather, who had fallen. It was strange to imagine we both had a similar fear. An antipaladin in the family. I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy let alone a child. I took him aside and talked to him about it and tried to be… nice. It is not my forte, but I think he appreciated it, I told him if he needed to talk about I was someone who would understand.

But while Averandus and I were having our chat Sucy lied again. Apparently, all of our fears had been cool and deep, and she was disappointed hers was merely a fear of spiders. The forfeit was bloody awful. Our bodies distended and bloated. Mutated and changed completely out of our control. This was getting ridiculous.

Then the monster focused on me and asked what happened to my brother. I said he went to hell, but apparently an incomplete truth was still a lie. See the red energy manifesting and fearing what would happen to us I blurted out I’d pushed him into a portal into not just hell but the Iron City. Hells torture chamber, directly in front of no less than a handmaiden devil. I hoped it would move on but Eliise asked how I achieved this and the cube thought that was a brilliant fucking question. I said I stole a device but once again this was no good. As the energy manifest I confessed I’d stolen from Milbit’s office. Probably should’ve just led with this as most people thought it was cool I’d managed what no student ever has.

Then the thing finished on who are crush was. Hisun and I said each other without hesitation and he hugged me. I wrapped my arms around him and tried to resist the fear that we’d already heard a lie. Arianna claimed Averandus, who did not reciprocate going for Nathan the guy I work with. Eliise the Oracle, Sucy the Elven bard. Cyrus someone we didn’t know, which isn’t surprising he hasn’t been here long and as he said can’t bring any gossip to our lives.

Then my paranoia and jealousy went into overdrive as we were told someone had lied. I dug my nail in and glared first at Hisun but his confusion would indicate innocence… Maybe. The Monster attacked, and we beat it back but Averandus was clearly struggling with something. Had the Paladin lied?! After we vanquished the beast, I was nothing short of mortally wounded and yet he didn’t heal me, opting to flee. Something is going on there. And having learned of his Grandfather I can’t help but care a little bit… Bastard.

Arianna’s diary: entry 9

I guess I should start where I finished off last time. It’s just that a few days have passed since then and a lot has happened but I’ll try and remember things as best as I can. After dealing with the woman we were given the job of exploring an old ruin to see what we could find, with the manager having a particular interest in old coins. Long story short we found one but it belonged to a small but really rude dragon along with a chest filled with gold and jewels. Dealing with him was long and complicated but we said that we’d take him to see the manager but t the issue was that we didn’t have a way of contacting the airship to pick us up so we had to carry the dragon and chest of gold to them eventually stopping to rest for the night. All things considered it was probably the best part of the whole field trip since we were visited by the nicest man I’ve ever met. He came into our tent and gave me a great suit of enchanted armour, I was so shocked that I wasn’t sure what to say really. As I thanked him though Viscardi suddenly attacked him, shouting that he was some kind of monster. I found him afterwards and apologised for how Viscardi reacted but he didn’t seem to mind too much. I guess he was used to worse living in such a creepy looking forest all the time.

Anyway, we eventually got back to the bank and showed the dragon to the manager… who immediately squashed him with a hammer and I swear even Achlys looked shocked. Afterwards we got a job from the druids to try and find the goblins that keep attacking them and found out that they kept as close to fresh water sources as possible. It took a while but eventually we found a village of them protected  by some kind of illusion to make them invisible. We met with their leader who showed each of us a vision. Viscardi and Achlys seemed to take it alright but I was sick right after and I’m not even sure what I even saw. The goblins wanted to take out the bank as well so they asked us to help them with that. We managed to get three of the managers to come and meet with the goblins, saying that they wanted to trade their machines. The bank must have known that something was up because they also brought a bunch of zombies and burly bodyguards with them. In the end though they didn’t do much after the goblin leader drowned them in her magic water pool and we took care of the managers. When they were dealt with we took the airship and headed back to deal with the last two managers, though this time we had help from Big Boom, a goblin who carried a massive cannon that could shoot spells who turned out to be invaluable and the second best person we met in that world. The fourth manager turned out to be a lot stronger than the other three and when I say that I mean that he hit like a brick. Still, he had a really nice belt which fits me fine and has made me a lot more nimble so I guess it was worth it. The last manager was a surprise though, or at least he was to me. I don’t know why but it looked like Viscardi could almost recognise him. It turned out that he was responsible for making the zombies that accompanied the other managers. Fighting him turned out to be a real challenge, at some point he must have cast some kind of weird spell that left me feeling… odd or dreary, things just weren’t as clear as they should have been. Nevertheless we took him out too and made our way to the head of the bank at the very top of the tower. It turns out that it was some kind of outsider that whose rebirth depends on the life it previously led. At first he didn’t seem so dangerous and we got in a good hit or two. And then hue grabbed hold of Ryan and his arm started to grow. I tried to pull as hard as I could but he was completely engulfed and if it wasn’t for Big Boom he may have gotten me too and it ended when the CEO was pushed through a window and fell to the ground. Eriis and Viscardi slid down the stairs after him while Achlys and I searched his office to no avail. When they came back up saying that he was dead and there was no sign of Ryan it felt like something snapped. I don’t know if it was that spell the 5th manager cast or what but I lost control and started smashing up the office with Viscardi’s mace. I wasn’t really sure what was going on but all I remember was being really angry it was terrifying. Normally i’m good at staying composed but I couldn’t stop myself, just the thought of losing a new friend because of my actions it makes me sick to my stomach. If I had never accepted his services in the first place he wouldn’t be dead now and even when his life was in danger there was nothing I could do to stop it. What good am I if I can’t even protect the people I care about? 

It’s been two days since then. Mrs Arael came to collect us the next day but most of us weren’t quite ready to go with Eriis wanting to check out the deeper part of the forest and Viscardi wanting to see the elves of the region. Personally I wasn’t ready to go either, knowing that I’d have to head home afterwards and no don’t mum and dad would be there to ask about the whole trip. Whatever spell the manager had cast had worn off by then but I still felt so frustrated and angry I felt like I had to hit something. Unfortunately Mrs Arael kept us out of any ruins that looked too dangerous and soon enough we were back in school. As expected we were asked to head home and mum and dad were right there to ask how it all went. I don’t think I have it in me to tell them about it even now so I went to my room, saying that I would tell them about it later. This morning though Viscardi came over and asked if I wanted to go with him to another girl’s birthday party. By this point I hadn’t even left my room since yesterday and I wasn’t sure if I should even go. Still, I though it would be rude if I said no so I got changed and went with him to the market to get the girl a present. I was surprised though that Achlys didn’t join us, I guess he isn’t too big on massive parties. I did learn though that we’ll have a new boy joining us next week. Silus, or at least I think that’s how to spell his name, seemed a bit strange at first. When we were all introducing each other it was like he was staring past or through us at something that even we couldn’t see. Still, he looks really smart so he should be fun to have around. We also got around to playing a game which took a turn for the worse, as the girl brought out a magic box that asked us questions. If we told the truth nothing would happen but when people lied bad things happened. We learned that Viscardi sent his brother to hell, and that Eriis was the one playing pranks on Averandus but the last question took most of us by surprise when it asked us who we had a crush on. It was so embarrassing to say it even if it was because he was there but I admitted that I had a crush on Averandus. It looks like he has his eye on someone else though so there goes that idea I suppose. It turned out though that someone lied and the box transformed into a monster and we had to fight it… or rather everyone else had to fight it because I don’t have a weapon after it happened. Again I couldn’t do a thing to stop people I care about from getting hurt and all because of my stupid decisions. Do I even deserve to be enrolled in Kalaeny’s school? Everyone else is exceptional  at what they do while I keep messing up the one thing I try to do. I keep getting people hurt or killed when I should be the one defending and helping them. If i can’t do that, if I can’t be like mum and dad then what’s the point of carrying on?

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Nine
Goblins and Sherlock Holmes

Job offer from the druids to solve the goblin raids and assaults. After a great deal of sass and abuse from Achlys and myself to some druid that still refuses to accept that the bank is evil. I thought they were meant to be thoughtful and insightful. Bloody Maple-Bloods.

So after being certain of foul play but unable to convince the druids. We went to the whispering woods. Filled with fae trickery and  creepy shenanigans. Heading in we found rudimentary, dilapidated abodes. Found some Goblin and big doggo tracks in the village. Eriise pointed out the higher buildings were for the higher ups of the village. The village of the goblins was designed not with defence but for the speed at which it could be abandoned. But that would require intelligence of enemy movements. 

More evidence of either an informant within the Maple-Blood Continent or decent diviners of Goblins. It was actually Arianna that came up with a decent explanation. The Goblins while looting for metal scraps would also take water. They would also try and live in an area with a natural water source. This fixation on water of Achlys and I made us think it was Divination. Arianna pointed out that the bank aims to control the water sources, and after we visited one village and it became known to the banks and was attacked by Goblins. While correlation does not equate to causation but that is damn suspicious.

Then we found the dog. Following some strange burning marks we found a strange shadow spirit dog. Then Achlys had a revelation. This had been a dog that was the victim of a transformative spell. They turned their own dogs into that abomination to distract their attacks as they fled. How do they forge? Their weapons, are clearly of some craftsmanship. Yet there are no forges, nor could there be, fire would bring about the wrath of the vengeance spirits. He started referring to me as Watson after I starting making notes as I just couldn’t keep track of everything. 

Then Arianna heard the voices. Which Eriise listened to. Then Achlys. So I guess I had to. Morons. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?! WHO IS WATSON?! 

Achlys furthered Arianna’s points. The bank was not lifting a finger to deal with this. Meaning either the bank didn’t care about the rest of the continent which was unlikely. And much more likely, they are involved. Then we found the village, alive and well under an illusion. Trying to get “Holmes” to see through it was quite the ordeal. He kept yelling that I’d never make detective at this rate, and using the idiot as a defence was hardly helping me. After paying an urchin to stab him both he and Eriise realised that it was a fully inhabited village.

Heading up to the “Blood-Vision” which unsettled Holmes. What with it’s dried up eyes and mouth. It was to be fair a very disturbing madwoman. She wanted to defeat the bank. The Princess is a drug addict being manipulated by the bank which would explain the druidic and royal guard in activity. The goblins want to defeat the leaf-ears. We saw the Princesses room in the visions. A junkie den. Truly sickening motivation.

Druids were also being pulled by the strings as well. “Blood-Vision” told us of the 3 other tribes. We were apparently talking to the leader of the tribes. She is without a doubt the most insanely chaotic evil I have ever met. Unsurprisingly Achlys was up for the plan. Arianna will take some convincing. 

I then asked to witness the visions. I was all of a sudden there. In the midst of the death of the Children of Moonlight. Drow nobility cut down, gutted and drained of their lives. In the centre I saw Kelaeny, in his armour wielding his katana. Then I returned to reality and seeking a non-lethal alternative to killing everyone, went off to see the tech smith.

 Tech smith was substantially more stable, mentally. The bank don’t want to risk actually fighting the Goblins. By opening communication to the bank, they believe “blood vision” can overcome the bankers leadership. Then lacking this cohesion they will fall completely. The other thought was for us to quietly sneak into the bank and kill managers silently. We opted to try opening dialogue. The Goblins could also threaten their supply of hallucinogenic drugs.

So we headed back to the capital, next entry I’ll have tried to convince the managers to leave the safety of their LITERAL IVORY TOWER!!

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Eight
Ruins, Dragons and Presents

Continuing to work for the bank we were sent to the towering willow woods to search some ancient ruins. Upon reaching it I was concerned this was how they chose to knock us off. Massive repugnant flies and accompanying maggots. Absolutely disgusting. But we ventured on after setting a small fire and being beset by some vengeance spirit. I think we were helping by killing maggots but what do I know. The ruins were relatively easy to navigate although we did have to deal with some gelatinous cubes which were interesting traps.

After dispatching the golden clad skeletons, we searched the treasure. After dividing up the treasure we realised that was a bit difficult. As there was a dragon. It was very cute, I played catch with it and everything. But after leaving the ruins with the loot we discovered our air ship was destroyed and the servant’s dead. We moved on not wishing to also become a host for giant wasps. Moving on after about 4 hours we collapsed exhausted. Taking shifts Eriise spotted some monster constantly on the periphery of her visions. Ignoring it I returned to sleep discovering cursed paints by my bed… yay?

This was only to escalate as the beast came for Arianna. It was good for some reason but that just made it an easier target for me. Well I got its attention as it set about kidnaping me. Initially I still put up a bit of a fight but then I realised, the pitch of my voice was rising, and my clothes were practically falling off me. I wasn’t just shrinking. I was getting younger. My shouts of protest became shrieks of terror. Thankfully I was rescued and then had to also rescue Eriise. After my first efforts everyone began telling me off; Ariaana and Achlys denouncing my efforts to rescue her and Eriise yelling that I’d attacked a fae. So, fuck it then. I went to bed and began sketching until I fell asleep.

Getting up we moved on, Eriise with a lot of bruises and a new smug claim on the moral high ground. We got picked up by an airship with some strange cat people. Spoke to them for a while. Arriving in the capital I began giving off to the managers for abandoning us for a day in the towering willows for a day. During which time Eriise ran off with the dragon to present it to the princess on my behalf.

Well it was going well we got a good deal of money and the princess got her dragon at least I thought so. After all the effort to get that dragon a princess’ treasury it just had to have it all and got itself squashed by a hammer. After the banker couldn’t make a deal with it. Well we have some proof of their illegitimate methods, when confronted with the word no. I mean I’m evil but no means no.

So, with our pockets full of blood money we left, and I spoke to the princess. Told the druids off for letting such a blatantly evil and extortionate institution make the calls. Then to the princess I apologised for failing to bring her the dragon and explained that when the dragon wanted to keep its private property the manager just killed him in cold blood and took it. How are these people so determined to do nothing?! It’s infuriating! There is no ideological defence for the bank just incredible apathetic passivity from all other potential authorises! HOW DO THESE MANAGEGERS HAVE SUCH AN EASY LIFE?!


Latest sketch of Hisun for his Birthday… upon reflection I should find out when that is…

Arianna’s diary: entry 8

You know, it’s been a few days but I still can’t believe I’m in a completely new world. Wait, I should probably add in some context first. So, right now I’m on a field trip with Achlys, Eriis and Viscardi. Apparently we have Mrs Arael supervising us but since we’ve only seen her once or twice we must be doing pretty well so far. Anyway, we started off in a huge forest with the biggest trees I’ve ever seen; it took Eriis a good few minutes just to climb one and get a lay of the land. A few hours later we came across a village full of elves wearing weird clothes made of leaves who water down their wine with sap. Apparently water is kind of rare around here. Achlys and Viscardi had the great idea to create and sell some which didn’t really end up going well. They wanted to get Achlys “tested” and in response we ran away as fast as we could. As if that wasn’t exciting enough we came across a bunch of big mechanical scorpions piloted by goblin who attacked the village. In the confusion that caused though we were caught and sent to their capital on, get this, an air ship! It was piloted by druids who got us up to a stupidly fast speed it was the best and we definitely some of them at home.

Anyway, the next day we made it to the capital, Achlys was tested and they found out everything about his oracle mystery. After that we were asked to meet the manager of the local bank who seemed really friendly and gave us all a bunch of stuff. He paid Achlys for all the water he made and gave us each a room in a really nice hotel. Speaking of, when I got to my room I found the most beautiful sword on my bed, with gold and jewels and everything. Oh, I almost forgot, the manager asked if we were interested in doing a job for him the day after but until then he insisted that we check out the capital. Achlys found out that my sword is enchanted but he couldn’t determine what kind of enchantment it was so I decided to head over to the market. I thought about asking him to join me but I thought he might be a bit busy or maybe wanted some rest after his test so I decided not to. In retrospect it was probably for the best because when I got to the market I was almost attacked by a rhino. I kind of calmed it down long enough to get away and I just hope nobody else got hurt there. Maybe I should try and see somebody about this especially if people could get hurt because of it. Anyway, I heard that Viscardi went to dinner with the manager while I went to the library to try and learn about my sword but I didn’t really find anything about it. 

So, the next day we found out that the manager wanted us to go into the forest to collect a package from him. It almost went smoothly until Viscardi fell into a big hole covered with spider webs. Then a giant spider descended and I blinded it with my magic glitter. I don’t think he or Viscardi liked that but it didn’t take long to finish it off. As it turns out, the package was filled with some weird leaves, probably some more of their strange currency. Oh, that’s reminds me they don’t use coins like we do but some strange paper notes with numbers on them. I guess it would be lighter and easier to carry but how is can leaves have different values? Also, I might have gotten Achlys interested in Dragon Worlds after I told him about it in the morning. I hope he does start playing, it would be nice to face off against one of my best friends. Also, my sword is alive. His name is Ryan and Achlys says that he’s some kind of evil. Still, he’s just so charming and he’s only helped me so far so I might as well give him a chance. I mean, Viscardi’s an anti-paladin and we get along pretty well. After that we were told that a manager on a higher floor also had another job for us, something about finding information about a possibly shady merchant or something like that. Later in the day though I find a strange package hidden in a back alley: some money, some odd substances that Ryan told me were local drugs and a note. One of these drugs, Ryan told me, was meant to relax you when lit so I tried it that night and I admit he didn’t lie. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better night’s sleep. Still, I didn’t use the whole thing and I think Achlys and Viscardi joined me later on. 

The next day we made a start on our investigation, apparently the woman was holding a big party that night so we spent the day getting ready. We were given beautiful new clothes and the complete works to make us look perfect for the night. It didn’t end as we expected it to though, we found out that she is seemingly looking to run a legitimate business. Also, it turns out that the bank is keeping water rare so that they can raise it’s price on the market and make more money so it turn s out that they might be pretty evil. I think the others want to take them down but I’m not so sure. I mean, they’re obviously evil and bringing them down does seem like the right thing to do but what’s going to replace them? What if we take them down and something worse takes their place? Still if the others do want to topple them I’ll help but I want to make sure we think everything through first. Also, I’ve been thinking things through and I don’t think the whole glory thing is for me. When I first joined the order of the flame I thought it would be pretty cool but now that I have some experience fighting it’s not really what it was cracked up to be. So, I’m thinking of joining the order of the dragon. I mean, dragons are inherently cool and it’s all about helping you friends which I think suits me more. 

Achlys' Log - 5

It’s been too long since I last wrote. I won’t bother trying to recall all that happened, only that working at an orphanage should not be so “exciting”. Besides something more important is happening. I am on a field trip with Arianna, Eriis and Viscardi. We ended up in a world with oceans of trees and a strange society. It didn’t take us long to find out that water is a rare resource on this world. Immediately Viscardi and I turned our attentions to making a profit. This would prove a mistake as apparently all spellcasters are rather forcibly tested (despite their pathetic bleating about how they’d never do anything against my will). Eventually I was apprehended and brought to be tested. I was furious, yet powerless. There it was again, powerlessness. Helpless against the predations of the stronger. I am quite thoroughly sick of feeling powerless. In a sense I should be thankful for this because my eyes were open. I was struck by a revelation. I felt weak because I was rejecting my nature, refusing to use what power I had to its full effect. There is a reason I was marked. I was upset at being shackled physically but it was the natural result of shackling my mind throughout my life. All at once I felt much more powerful.


I digress, we arrived at the capital of this country for testing and was quite thoroughly shown to not be a pyromancer. As if it wasn’t blindingly obvious, maniacal pyromancers don’t go around creating water. Ultimately, this wasn’t about pyromancy though. This apparent druidic society in actuality is run by a cabal of degenerate bankers who have somehow managed to make water a scarcity. Impressive evil and depravity yet somehow so boring. Maybe being barred from the more interesting aspects of society due to my age isn’t helping. We got paid quite the sum to keep hush about our water creation and have a job lined up. They made sure to offer all manner of luxuries to win us over. No doubt they are all tainted somehow. Viscardi had a dinner with our contact only to be given food that made him give away information about our world. Arianna was given a magical sword, that turns out to be alive and capable of sending suggestions. We are probably being shadowed by their goons. What their end goal is, beyond making a profit, I don’t know. Viscardi did end up revealing a lot about our world. I don’t want to have to deal with their lot back home. I quite happen to like home as it is, for now at least. What other place can boast such numbers of high quality help and a platform into so many other worlds? I’ll have to keep an eye on those shifty bankers.


In other news I have grown fond of poor Arianna’s effect on animals. It can be a great source of amusement and a useful tool, when directly and manipulated properly. Such manipulation is a great example of my new found “power” as it were. I wouldn’t have be willing nor capable of murdering a few town guards as my previous self but now by using the powers I have in ways I wouldn’t haven’t even considered before… well the results speak for themselves. That was just a proof of concept though, it’s time to think bigger.

Arianna’s diary: entry 7

It’s been a few months since I last wrote anything but to be fair not much has really happened after the first few hectic weeks of school. Classes are going well enough, I’m getting better at Dragon Worlds and Millbit is still scary beyond belief. That said things have been happening now and again so I thought I would wait until it all finished up before writing it down. It really helps the story flow more consistently. So, where to start off… Well, really weird stuff was happening at the orphanage, stuff of the demonic kind. We had some help from a temporary worker: a halfling bard whose name I can’t quite recall but who Viscardi kept referring to as Edgelord. Not really the most undeserved titles given that he kept creating creepy illusions whenever possible. As if that wasn’t weird enough one of the kids, a girl named Alice, was acting pretty odd and may or may not actually be a wizard/sorcerer. 

The job itself went fine for the first few months until one day a child was injured playing on the obstacle course that we set up for them. Eriis rushed him to see a doctor and came back surprisingly soon, shouting for us to come down and speak to her. She and Viscardi both told me that the boy was being seen to which turned out to be a lie, the boy having transformed into a choker and a group of barbarians killed him. I wasn’t sure which emotion I felt more then; anger at them lying to me or shock and terror that we let a child die in our care. From what I was told later though it was the latter by miles. Believe it or not though that wasn’t even the most insane moment of the day as shortly after we saw Viscardi coming up from the basement with the boy very much alive shortly after his body had suddenly disappeared. Apparently he made some sort of a deal to bring the boy back but who it was with he wouldn’t say. 

The next day Viscardi and Achlys came to my house, offered me a Mcfluffy (which tasted really good by the way) and asked if I would come with them to Mcdangles to discuss some big scheme they were planning. Intrigued and with the possibility of more Mcfluffies I agreed. Apparently whatever helped Viscardi bring the boy back to life wanted something in return: something from Millbit office of all places. A bit hesitant at first given Millbits love of both traps and punishing students I soon agreed upon learning that I wouldn’t actually be near his office, instead myself and Viscardi would try to stall him if he tried to get back to his office. So, with the plan set out we left Mcdangles (for some reason we all looked really exhausted) and got ready for what could best be described as the greatest heist of the century. Mind you, that’s not to say that everything went as planned as I soon heard roaring sounds followed by the image of Millbit rushing to his office about half an hour after starting, followed by the sight of two demons fighting in the cafeteria during lunch. Oh yes, I forgot to mention didn’t I? As it turns out Viscardi made a dream with a DEMON!

Still I suppose things could have gone much worse. Millbit didn’t catch on to our plan, the boy is still very much alive and the demon is very much isn’t. With that said however I think I’ll pay a bit more attention to any future schemes that Viscardi brings up in the future which may or may not happen soon. It’s the field trip tomorrow and I’m paired up with him, Achlys and Eriis. It’ll be my first time in a new world so I’ll need to look presentable especially if we’re going to a world that hasn’t had any contact with ours. We should leave a good impression. 


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