Kalaeny's School for Gifted Young Children

Arianna’s diary: entry 7

It’s been a few months since I last wrote anything but to be fair not much has really happened after the first few hectic weeks of school. Classes are going well enough, I’m getting better at Dragon Worlds and Millbit is still scary beyond belief. That said things have been happening now and again so I thought I would wait until it all finished up before writing it down. It really helps the story flow more consistently. So, where to start off… Well, really weird stuff was happening at the orphanage, stuff of the demonic kind. We had some help from a temporary worker: a halfling bard whose name I can’t quite recall but who Viscardi kept referring to as Edgelord. Not really the most undeserved titles given that he kept creating creepy illusions whenever possible. As if that wasn’t weird enough one of the kids, a girl named Alice, was acting pretty odd and may or may not actually be a wizard/sorcerer. 

The job itself went fine for the first few months until one day a child was injured playing on the obstacle course that we set up for them. Eriis rushed him to see a doctor and came back surprisingly soon, shouting for us to come down and speak to her. She and Viscardi both told me that the boy was being seen to which turned out to be a lie, the boy having transformed into a choker and a group of barbarians killed him. I wasn’t sure which emotion I felt more then; anger at them lying to me or shock and terror that we let a child die in our care. From what I was told later though it was the latter by miles. Believe it or not though that wasn’t even the most insane moment of the day as shortly after we saw Viscardi coming up from the basement with the boy very much alive shortly after his body had suddenly disappeared. Apparently he made some sort of a deal to bring the boy back but who it was with he wouldn’t say. 

The next day Viscardi and Achlys came to my house, offered me a Mcfluffy (which tasted really good by the way) and asked if I would come with them to Mcdangles to discuss some big scheme they were planning. Intrigued and with the possibility of more Mcfluffies I agreed. Apparently whatever helped Viscardi bring the boy back to life wanted something in return: something from Millbit office of all places. A bit hesitant at first given Millbits love of both traps and punishing students I soon agreed upon learning that I wouldn’t actually be near his office, instead myself and Viscardi would try to stall him if he tried to get back to his office. So, with the plan set out we left Mcdangles (for some reason we all looked really exhausted) and got ready for what could best be described as the greatest heist of the century. Mind you, that’s not to say that everything went as planned as I soon heard roaring sounds followed by the image of Millbit rushing to his office about half an hour after starting, followed by the sight of two demons fighting in the cafeteria during lunch. Oh yes, I forgot to mention didn’t I? As it turns out Viscardi made a dream with a DEMON!

Still I suppose things could have gone much worse. Millbit didn’t catch on to our plan, the boy is still very much alive and the demon is very much isn’t. With that said however I think I’ll pay a bit more attention to any future schemes that Viscardi brings up in the future which may or may not happen soon. It’s the field trip tomorrow and I’m paired up with him, Achlys and Eriis. It’ll be my first time in a new world so I’ll need to look presentable especially if we’re going to a world that hasn’t had any contact with ours. We should leave a good impression. 

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Seven

What the fuck is going on with this Satandamn orphanage. School has been going ok by the way but seriously what the shit?! Run by a powerful cleric that can banish chokers but she doesn't notice Alice is being watched over by a Daemon, and a powerful one at that. We initially feared chokers were up to something but one of the children began to take ill so Eliise ran him to the local doctors. En route though he transformed into a choker and attacked. Thankfully Eliise was helped by the locals, who pummeled it to death. Once she returned I realised it was an illusion, a trick. She'd been tricked into getting a child killed. Maybe I'm not cut out for this evil stuff because that sickens me to my core. It's one thing to outmaneuver an opponent and defeat them through manipulation, blackmail and other unsavoury methods, but that was a child!

Eliise and I hid the body while I tried to think of the best way to respond. She wouldn't leave the body and Achlys made it his personal mission to safeguard the body, suspecting daemonic shenanigans. Which was right. While I was keeping Arianna and Edgelord from finding out a child was dead, said child's soul was consumed. I ran in to help but appear to have released the Daemon and we couldn't catch it. I said this was outside of our control and we had no way of dealing with this. We should contact the royal guard.

Well this was clearly the right choice as the daemon appeared before me and implored me to reconsider. It had Alice at knife point. Well my suspicions of her made me certain, although well… not certain enough to try and rescue her. After whipping the knife from the daemon I charged and then realised I was right the first time. He was bluffing. So we engaged in a discussion. So the child is… up and I have his soul in my hand, admittedly somewhat digested. I was to help him break into Milbits office and if I did I would gain an ally. Some item would summon an outsider aligned to my god who would be loyal to me. I doubt this is the case but can I afford to not take that chance?

So all I have to do is convince a rogue to break in somewhere with the help of two people that hate Milbit. This shouldn't be too difficult.

Achlys' Journal - 4

I’m fine. Everything is fine. I’m home, I’m safe, nothing to worry about.

Get out of my head

Wednesday. Weird day. Decided to show Viscardi the mark. He trusts me with his secrets, seemed fair. Also, he’s strong and knows about evil outsiders, makes for a good ally. Good friend. We went to the library. Needed to research daemons. Found a useful book, learned a lot. Was alive and angry, had to defeat it before reading. Had work, got paid. Went home, instead arrived in strange shop with smiling merchant. Could hear music and not in my mind. Could speak. Very disconcerting experience. I apparently won a raffle. Don’t remember entering any raffle. Did… did I forget? Everything seems a little fuzzy after today. Raffle was rigged. Felt time stop, reality buckle. Someone toys with fate like I do. Someone with an interest. Got an eye of an evil outsider in a jar. Was told if I drank containing liquid I would vastly improve sight. Benefit too good to ignore.

I know it was stupid shut up shut up shutupshutupSHUTUP

Made preparations to cope with presumably awful taste. Was neutral in taste. Nothing happened for a bit. Then my eyes twisted in on themselves. The pain was excruciating.  Stumbled my way to mirror, found eyes replace with sickly pink irises and cross-shaped pupils. Was not told my eyes would be replaced.

Don’t care that “I’m better now”, shut up

Pretty sure I’ll see that shifty merchant again. Must remember to get comprehensive details of received items. Ari, Viscardi and Eriis showed up soon after. Lied and said I had pink eye. They didn’t buy it. They needed help dealing with a wall or something. Was not informed feral undead animals would be an issue. Had to leave early to get treatment. Not sanitary. Picked up blindfold to hide eyes, successful so far.

Don’t want to be like you

Thursday classes were uneventful. Viscardi has an imp tutor for languages. Decided to learn Infernal, have to learn the language of the enemy. Angel tutor upset. Perhaps angel tutor should defeat forces of evil for me. No? Then he should cease his complaints. Lunchtime went badly. Eriis had new magical device, could steal traps. Helped her work it, then tested it on Millbit’s door. Worked perfectly, but Millbit’s familiar was nearby. Had to hide in room. No telling when it might check. We split up, Eriis out the window, myself out the door. Got caught, expected as much. Didn’t incriminate myself, didn’t incriminate anyone else. Got detention, wasn’t worried at time. Mistake. Before going to Suwek’s saw trap trigger on Averandus’ locker. Seems Eriis has mastered the item. Had fun at Suwek’s, learned more about his family. Nearly died of second-hand embarrassment at their brown-nosing.

Friday… Friday is difficult. Not much happened in class. Had detention with Millbit. Wanted to know who had the Trap Stealing Rod.

Not telling, never telling

Told him nothing. Suited him fine. Summoned Cacodaemons. Not sure what they did but I could feel my will draining away. Then came the taunts, the insults, the mockery. I can still hear it now. Not sure if it’s something they did, my memories or I’m just going insane. Probably latter.

Didn’t break though, who’s weak now eh!?

Have another scheduled for Friday. Can’t let that happen. They say Mr. Kalaeny is a good man, let him prove it. Right now, I need rest. See if I can sleep it off. Think I’ve earned myself some relaxation.

Or at least for these irritating voices to fade from memory

Maybe check out a salon or something. That’d be nice.  Night.

Ariannna's diary: entry 6


Today was pretty weird right from the get go. I woke up a bit early to make breakfast for Viscardi (given that he's living with us for a while I thought it only right that I try to make him feel as welcome as I could) though it didn't go as well as I had hoped. It's a shame too given that I soon heard him shrieking upstairs he might have liked something nice to eat. I probably would have gone back up to check on him had I not heard the rattling of my parents armor as they ran up to check on him. We later set off for school together and, on our way there, I overheard the half-orc Kanan talking with the halfling rogue (who I later learned was named Lianna) about the card game that I've been looking to play. Given that I was in a bit of a rush though I decided to wait until break to ask them about it. 

Our first class was Divine Studies where we learned that the gods of the Elemental planes are pretty evil. I suppose that explains why that massive water elemental in Millbit's class was such a jerk. Speaking of Millbit we had Art straight after where we changed from a more free form class to a more instructional lesson. At break I talked with Lianna and Kanan about playing against them though they offered to go with me after school to get new cards since a larger collection can give a better deck. I suppose I can't argue with that. After that it was a surprisingly normal PE lesson with nothing out to hurt us (I think) and then we learned about chaotic and anarchistic societies in CSS. Nothing of major note really happened at lunch and we finished off the day in General Studies. Aiming to be more accommodating to Achlys I found a book or two on sigh language as well as some on Azata since I wanted to know if I might develop more weird powers down the line though the chances of that are pretty slim apparently (kind of a shame since something like laser eyes could be pretty cool). After school clibs were cancelled for the day so I immediately went to Central Plaza with Lianna and Kanan. I got some more cards (I'm up to 55 now) but what was really strange was that one of the packs had a golden ticket with an address. I don't mean like a good coloured foil ticket but a solid gold ticket. Kanan had to go home but Lianna went with me to the Dragon Bazarre… and were immediately met with a blank wall. However as soon as she left a door appeared in the wall with a shop inside. The store itself seemed to sell magical equipment, was playing music that was both generic and creepy at the same time and was manned by a man with a constant smile and chipper voice. Needless to say I felt like I did with Viscardi's grandad and decided to get things over quickly and and with as much composure as I could muster. He said that I had entered into a raffle and, upon giving him my ticket I was given the 'Champion's Buckler' as he called it. It's actually a really nice looking shield that he said would help with my challenge skills. He also offered me another ticket if I signed up three other people but it needed up a complete dud. 

Returning home I encountered Viscardi with a suit of plate armor (apparently he went to see the weird man too) and he asked me to help knock down a wall in his house. We then went to see if Eriis and Achlys (who had also seen the man and now had pink coloured eyes) wanted to help. Upon arriving at his house we were told that it was the wall separating his room from his brother's that he wanted gone and, upon entering his brother's room, he was attacked by undead dogs and a cat. They were utterly grotesque and exploded when the finishing blow was struck. Soon after Viscardi began to clean to floor of… remnants though that didn't stop me from slipping and falling face first into the stuff. I swear I have no idea how I stopped myself from throwing up there and there but I made it to Viscardi's bathroom in time. His shower was boiling hot but it got bearable after the first half hour. Apparently while I was in there Achlys and Eriis had to go to hospital to see about some disease they contracted during the fight so I guess it could have been worse. 


Honestly today was pretty uneventful. Millbit summoned a huge Earth elemental, we spent PE learning how to disarm opponents, Viscardi is now being taught a new language by an imp and Lianna beat me in cards (I didn't even draw my god card). The only weird thing is that Viscardi hasn't come home yet. I just hope nothing bad has happened to him. I don't know maybe after yesterday things just didn't seem as interesting today but I have a feeling that tomorrow will be pretty uneventful too.


Yeah, pretty much nothing of interest happened today too. Still, we have our job at the orphanage tomorrow so that should be pretty fun (hopefully with fewer chokers this time).

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Six

Waking up in Arianna's house was awful. The light was burning my retina's before I opened them. Writhing and shrieking in panic and pain was met with two armoured knights running into my room. I guess I'm just used to responses of louder shrieks of annoyance at my shrieks. We went to school together and nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary. Art was interesting though, going for a new tack. Sketching and slowly building up a piece rather than cracking one out in a few hours. Then in cultural studies I was fed lies about chaotic “societies” what kind of utter drivel is that?! Then Achlys and I went to the library. He revealed his mark and it is utterly terrifying. The cosmos being consumed by in inhumane screaming skull. Apparently, he’s been marked by the most potent of daemon. More powerful than devils or demons (although I’m sure Satan could take him). In our efforts to study daemonology we happened across a living and mean book. After bad touching it into submission Achlys studies it. I’m not sure how useful it was. Then after earning minimum wage I went ack to Arianna’s, where I was best upon someone. Well I walked into his shop. But it shouldn’t have been there! He gave me some full plate and I went on my way. I didn’t like it. After conscripting my friends, we went to mine and got to work breaking down a wall. Although this was interrupted by my brothers “pets”. Foul decaying tortured animals viciously attacking us. After they were disposed of along with his rotten bed We did what we could before calling it a night.

Thursday was as expected. First thing was to go to the nurse’s office, apparently I’d contracted some disease or something? Anyway, everything was being the norm and then there was languages. I was pleased with my new tutor. A scorpion who asked to take its true form, an imp. The face of Averandus I would say was priceless but I know the prince, I am being taught by a snivelling servant of one of the traitorous lieutenants. The sketch I was making was immediately torn to shreds and I just got to studying. It was all I could do to not pummel him to death. Then came survivalists training which was an utter train wreck what with my utter lack of any survivalist skills or experience. I was paired up with Hisun and watching him was a hindrance rather than a help. Then came the magic monsoon and I was nearly drowned. After recovering I asked if Hisun would mind coming to mine to help me with something. Something being the wall. It would appear upon arrival he had forgotten I’d asked for help and just remembered being invited over. Upon seeing the wall and the tools his face sank. And with it… I did too? I dropped the tools and began stuttering out that we could just do whatever he wanted and didn’t have to break the wall I just thought he’d like it and it’d be something to do together rather than forcing awkward conversation that I was worried would die and leave a prolonged silence while this meant silence could just be worked through literally. He picked up a hammer and smashed in what was left of the wall and said we should go to his. My throat caught so I just nodded and followed eagerly. At his I saw it was somehow more rundown than my house. Barbarians I guess. I then discovered he had brothers… big brothers. They hurled themselves at us surprised to see a dark elf. In the conversation, I had to stop myself referring to elves as pure bloods. Really must be careful about that. Managing to get into Hisun’s room we thought we were safe. And then the door broke and the tide flowed. I dodged the hulk and tried to get Hisun back but was simply taken in the grapple in his place. Then his dad showed up… I didn’t know humans came in that size. He asked if I was ok and left. He was straight to the point ad upfront. I like him. Once everything calmed down Hisun got really shy and embarrassed about his family. I told him not to worry about it and began to sketch him to take his mind off it. It was a beautiful sketch if I do say so myself It was damn near perfect… maybe even perf erratic scratches and tear stains IT had to be destroyed it. It was wrong. But I still remember it… It was perfe ink blot from broken pen Anyway he could see I was upset as I tore it apart and said I must be good if that wasn’t good enough. What was I going to tell him? It was too good?! Then it happened. From behind he grabbed me and threw both himself and me into his bed and held me tightly. After brief… well prolonged panic I relaxed into his embrace. Then while slowly descending into sleep I realised I couldn’t move. Well I think I could break his hold but, why would I? It was nice just being there.

In the morning, I realised it had not been a dream, I was still wrapped in his arms. Was it really this easy? I assumed it took months maybe even years of careful courtship (screaming in my parent’s case) and then it culminated in the eventual proposal (final duel). But know draw a sketch cry about it just not being good enough and fall into bed with them. This is BRILLIANT! As we got up he even kissed me. It made me feel weird, I’ve never had that peculiar sense before. It contorted my face somehow. Hisun seemed to like the expression, I guess I’ll try to maintain it. We walked to school together, went to a café and arrived on time. Then it occurred to me. I was in yesterday’s clothes; unwashed and unkept. This did not escape Eliise’s astute observation, after a thorough grilling I retreated to the bathroom and I think I did a damn good job to make myself up. Between classes Averandus caught sight of Hisun with his arms wrapped around me. His glare did not go unnoticed by myself, Hisun or Eliise who was already planning her revenge. History I found informative but apparently for everyone else it was utter hell as I questioned Miss Dolaeneth on the history of the Children of the Silver Moon. So caught up I was utterly oblivious to everyone’s discomfort. I apologized but I fear some permanent and unrepairable damage to my relationship with her. During lunch Hisun appeared to have confronted Averandus and asked why he was so set against me. I tried to play it off casually but I’m utterly ecstatic. He took my word over that of a paladin. I’m winning people over! Well Hisun anyway and that’s all that matters right now. During general studies, I appear to have finally done enough practise to communicate with sign language effectively. As did Eliise which did somewhat take my thunder but oh well. After school, I ran to Arianna’s grabbed my stuff went back to Hisun’s. Maybe it’ll be just as good the second time!

The sketch before the incident

Achlys' Journal - 3
Theoretical Dark Gods

Oh boy, what a day. So, I’ve finally found out what my mark is. You know how when people are like “You don’t want to know” but you press anyway and lo and behold, you don’t want to know? It’s like that.  

I’m getting ahead of myself. Day started with homeroom as usual. Mr. Ohanis handed out forms our parents had to sign for the field trip. We also get to choose our group for the field trip and what teacher we get. Well, we get to say who we’d prefer. Group composition and the like is obviously up to the teachers. I initially opted for Mr. Velnon but after today I might change it for Mrs. Arael, the divinities teacher. She seems nice. After homeroom was arcane studies. Despite my best efforts it feels like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. Maybe divine power isn’t enough to make up for not knowing stuff. Nature studies came after that and I did pretty great! I was really worried about having my hands bound and essentially being pushed into a hostile forest but I managed to avoid the plants well enough. Others didn’t fare so well. Some of them were even dropped off unconscious. Made me really glad I avoided those plants.  Met with Suwek during break, arranged to go over to his house on Thursday. Should be pretty cool to hang out with him, although I get the distinct feeling his family will be weird given their whole “Let’s pretend we are in the Royal Guard” thing. Can’t be the weirdest I’ve met though!

After break was Millbit. Just writing his name sends a shiver up my spine, given what happened today. I’ll get to that soon. Learned more about elementals, even had a giant water elemental summoned. Seemed rather haughty for a bunch of sentient water but whatever. The lesson was actually interesting which makes a change. Then we had PE. It was way more difficult than I expected, especially given the last two lessons. Finally, we are getting proper practical experience. We were to get into groups of 3-5 and go off into the forest to survive… something for 2 minutes. Ari, Viscardi and I formed up pretty quickly but we needed an arcane caster and, for lack of a better term, a big fighty type to cover our weaknesses. At least that’s what we thought. Definitely needed some form of archer or something. I suppose Viscardi fulfills the fighty type role, although that whip of his does kind of slowly kill him which harms his staying power. I guess between my healing and the two fighty types already in the core group that can be offset but still. Whoops got sidetracked strategizing. We picked up Hisun and Sarvin to finish our group and were then quickly volunteered by Viscardi. It was an intense experience. We were constantly harassed by strange plant creatures from afar. We cut them down with relative ease at first but as time passed the harassment took its toll. Still I think the wave that Ari used whatever that magical power was on was our best work. Don’t know how she did it, but it was pretty cool. After that though things came to a head. One of the beasts drank Ari’s blood and went a little crazy. Was one tough plant but we came out on top. Viscardi insisted on burning the body. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

Lunch was interesting. I wasn’t actually planning on looking further into the mark, I trusted that I could leave Mr. Velnon to it. Then Ari went off to find out what that magic was all out about and Viscardi mentioned that maybe the divinities teacher might know more about my mark. Not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner, after all it was probably the work of some god right? At least that was what I was kind of hoping. It’d be real embarrassing if this was just a really unfortunate, but completely natural birthmark. I’d come to regret that soon. Unfortunately, Mrs. Arael didn’t have anything so we then went to Dr. Millbit. To say I was reluctant would be an understatement. Millbit, to his credit, did seem to know and upon seeing the mark was furiously searching through books. I’m quite glad Mrs. Arael stayed with me. I was afraid of Millbit before but this was something else entirely. He was fascinated. I have no intention on finding out what happens to his objects of fascination. Finally, he seemed to hit on something and we went to see Mr. Kalaeny. Essentially, I have been marked by an Archdaemon. Not just any Archdaemon, the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse, father of all daemons, the Oinodaemon. Small problem with that. He’s only a theoretical being.  Well certainly not theoretical for me anymore.  You see, the reason he’s considered theoretical is that only things that interact with him are the other Horsemen. He doesn’t seemingly do anything, he leaves almost 0 trace of his existence. Which makes this marking particularly ominous. Given that marks such as these are portents that an individual is important to the marker you can now see why I am somewhat concerned. Whatever machinations led to this theoretical dark god considering me important, I want no part of. Unfortunately, Mr. Kalaeny says it’s quite likely I’ll have some encounter with daemons in the future. Which is not good as apparently they are on average much stronger than Devils and Demons. This is really bad isn’t it? Well, staying positive there are two good things about this. Mr. Kalaeny has emphatically shut down Millbit’s plans for… whatever he was planning to do with me. Which is good. I also learned a whole bunch about the Planes and Outsiders today which is bound to come in handy!

After that came drama. Yeah, as you can imagine I wasn’t really into it. It was made even worse when Ms Dolaeneth started handing out lines for a play. I mean I can stand around, silent, looking menacing I guess. Reckon I’ll be regulated to backstage for this one. The group counselling didn’t go well either. It was pretty much what I expected, a place where people can discuss issues and such arising from them being… different. That’s all very well for some but doesn’t really cut it for me. Talking about it isn’t going to make me un-deaf and rich! I prefer to struggle and work. I have to work so much harder to get where everyone else is and that won’t do! I have to be better, which means I have to work even harder! Got no time for pity or charity. Apparently enough time for bitterness though, eh? Maybe they have a point, but it isn’t a good fit for me.

Was hoping to forget about it at work but then my Dad showed up and said I had to go home. Manager was nice enough about it though.  Turns out there was a Royal Guard waiting for me. Wanted a statement about the whole bird monster, crazy grandpa kidnapping thing. Didn’t feel nice to snitch on Viscardi’s grandad but he was out of order. Found out that I was entitled to some form of victim’s compensation or something in the form of a wish. I’m not sure if this guy was just a powerful caster or actually an Efreeti or something but I wished for help becoming a Royal Guard. I think he was surprised. I mean could have wished for a bigger house or unending wealth but seems like cheating y’know? Besides if we could afford a bigger house we’d have one and wishes for unending wealth or power, always, always, ALWAYS, go horribly wrong. He said something like if I’m tied for entry I’d be given preferential treatment or something. That isn’t really what I was looking for. Besides that’s only any help if I a) make to the point of joining the Royal Guard and b) am tied at the very bottom for getting in. Screw that! I want to be good enough not only guarantee I can start the application process but also ascend beyond being rank bloody bottom. I’ll give it a week or two to see if anything happens to help me before I go see that Damien and have a frank discussion on the definition of “help”.

Talk about a long day. I should get some sleep, just in case tomorrow proves just as exhausting.

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Five
Royal Guards

This day has been quite eventful. I arose of my own volition rather than my grandfather waking me up. Heading to school I went to an uneventful homeroom, although I did have to get some paperwork signed. By my parents. I doubt either will be compliant given their nature. We had to give our preference for our companions and teacher for our excursion. Initially I wrote Achlys and Eliise but later in the day after she apologised for how she reacted I added Arianna. For the teacher, I specified Dr Milbit but get the distinct impression that no one else will have opted for his guidance. 

Arcane studies went swimmingly, for a spellcaster I seem to be doing surprisingly well. I guess learning about the arcane heritage of the Children of the Silver Star is paying off. In Natural Studies we were told to trek through the woods, alone. My initial plan was to order everyone to stick together with those best equipped taking vanguard and rear-guard. This was scuppered quickly and the druid and ranger got through irritatingly quickly with not a scratch. I was not so lucky but I don’t think Mr Charus or the vine monster was prepared for me to lash out with Blue Flames. Thankfully no one was about to see. Then went in Aclys whose hands were bound together to prevent spellcasting. He got through with no difficulty. I’m not going to lie, I was surprised. As did Arianna. Am I just really crap at this? Then came Averandus. He had gashes covering his form as he trudged out. I was about to smirk when he walked up to me and healed my wounds, then his. I hate him so much. Does he think I’m weak?! My mum saw to beat that out of me. I’m stronger than him. I’m BETTER than him! However, we then saw the ground rise and spit out Illora. Seeing an opportunity, I ran forward and hurried her to the nurse. What a “good” person I am.

Dr Milbit’s class was as brilliant as ever. He summoned a greater elemental. While an arrogant pillock it was informative. PE was incredibly difficult. We were sent back into the forest and told to defend ourselves for 2 minutes. Quite confident I volunteered our group which was myself, Achlys, Arianna, Hisun and Sarvin. We took up a defensive position and readied ourselves. It took me a bit to realise the ground was further away than I expected and I was now substantially larger. A bigger target but hopefully I’d be able to hit harder too. Hisun raced off and began brutally murdering a shrubbery. Their assault began. After two minutes, I was a bloodied wreck, Sarvin was torn up, Arianna had used some strange power and we’d created a monster from it drinking my compatriot’s outsider blood. I burned the body for good measure. During lunch Arianna and Achlys had some revelations to deal with. I helped them work out who to go with and got myself something to eat while they were away.

Then came Drama we were told to work on the line of some play about an Orcish Barbarian who just wanted a peaceful life but had to take up arms to protect people she’d warned but they never listened. See people from different backgrounds are prejudiced against no matter what they do. What is this bullshit?! We went to that group counselling session, Achlys did not seem pleased. I’ve never seen someone sign so furiously. I spoke to some kid at the back, he was a year older than me. His powers were focused on necromancy rather than other cleric abilities. That didn’t seem that bad. Then I saw his neck he was covering. Scorch marks, I guess the nurse couldn’t treat them? His parents are worshippers of Ragathiel. The God of fire and vengeance. Poor bastard.

Went to art and continued working on my sketches. I’m doing a lot more prep work and hoping it pays off. I don’t want to ever do so poorly again. I just can’t do that again… Work was good, my co-worker is really nice. So pleasant and helpful. Even let me head home a bit earlier.

En route I bumped into a man, he looked like a tiefling but later it became apparent he’s an Ifrit. He asked after my name and informed me that he was a Royal Guard. It would appear this has not been our first tangle with the law and having seen him deal with a very angry granddad I can see why they inspire fear for my mum. In two spells, he incapacitated my Granddad. He then asked if I “wished” for help with getting a signature for the field trip. I agreed that I wished it could be done and dad appeared signed and disappeared. This man is awesome.

He asked if I had somewhere to stay and I said I did. I went upstairs had a shower and a long think about what I want. I know that I inherently act good so people like me and that’s how you get stuff but… what was it I want? To be like the guy that took out Zandron? That was Achlys’ dream and I can see the appeal but I don’t think that’s for me. I began playing with the steam from the shower on the glass. I snapped out of it and realised I’d been drawing a falling star. Always the star. It hit me. I didn’t want to make the stock market or take over the country… well I did but I have to be reasonable. But if I became a civil servant and worked my way through the ranks… well outlived my way through the ranks, I could pressure art commissions and government subsidies towards the arts of my choosing. The Dark Prince Satan would be in every government building watching over them toil in a bureaucratic nightmare of my creating. I just had to work hard and live long. No one would expect it! All the suspicious people would be expecting me to try and claim power and authority but I’m just a supporter of the arts!

I got dried, dressed and went to make dinner to discover the Royal Guard was still there. I looked at him confused and he asked if I was ready to go. I pointed out my place to stay was here. He insisted I leave. I briefly toyed with the idea of begging him to adopt me but decided against it. Not sure why… Grabbed my art supplies, this journal some clothes and left. We went to Arianna’s house after all they did offer. Repeatedly. They invited me in and I inquired if I’d be in a shed, on the couch or in the garden. Apparently, I get a “spare room”. Where is their torture chamber if not in there?

Arianna's diary: entry 5


Today didn't start off that well. I woke up feeling guilty for how I came across to Viscardi last Sunday, given that I kind of got angry with him for what happened. Now that I've had some time to think about it I guess I'm lucky that my mum and dad aren't the kind to leave me with a senile and dangerous relative so I do feel pretty sorry for him. Thus I decided that I would try and apologise to him today. Mum was also acting strange too since, before I left, she asked me to try and come home early today. 

In homeroom Mr Ohanis gave each of us a form that we and our parents need to fill out for the school trip in a few months time. It also asked the member of staff that we would prefer to have with us. So far most of the teachers we've had have been pretty nice but I immediately requested that we wouldn't be accompanied by Dr Millbit. No offence to him but he is still really scary. Our first class was Arcane Studies which kind of just came and went really. Next was Natural Sudies where Mr Charus had us navigate a path through a section of the forest while having to avoid the plant creatures inside. Most of the class ended up with at least a few scrapes and bruises but somehow myself and Achlys got through without much hassle (apart from a vine that tried to grab me that is). Some other members of the class weren't so lucky however as a few were brought back by vines pushing them up through the ground unconscious with one of them being Sarvin the Tiefling sorcerer boy who I helped get to the nurse. During break I got a chance to speak with Viscardi and apologise to him. He seemed kind of surprised actually but he says that we're still friends so that's fine with me. 

After break it was Extraplanar studies with Dr Millbit where he went into a bit more detail on water elementals and even summoned a really big one in the back of the classroom. Viscardi asked it a question or two but all that I got from it was that it sounded like a really condescending jerk. The biggest surprise of today however came next during PE where myself, Viscardi, Achlys, Sarvin and Hisune (the barbarian who Viscardi seems to get on really well with) teamed up and were told to last two minutes in the forest. Sarvin started flying above us and made Viscardi grow really big,  Achlys began casting some kind of shadow magic around us while myself and the others stood around him. Not much happened for the first few moments until I was hit in the shoulder by a really sharp thorn and we were then attacked by some creatures disguised as bushes. It didn't take long for Hisune, Sarvin and Viscardi to finish them while I kept back with Achlys. After they were finished off we regrouped and were immediately surprised when a group of them appeared from behind a tree and began to shoot more thorns at Viscardi. This was when the really weird thing happened because when they appeared a stream of rainbow coloured glitter began to pour out form my hand towards them. I had no idea what it was but it seemed to blind them and while this might have left me shocked in most other situations the danger we were still in kind of pushed that to the side for a bit. After dispatching them though we were attacked by another group up in the trees with Hisune deciding to cut down one of said trees and Viscardi using his trident to knock most of the others down to the ground. Soon enough we were left with only one monster that immediately began to drink my blood and it suddenly became a lot stronger. Still, while it almost took down Sarvin, Hisune soon cut it down. 

During lunch I went to see Mr Ohanis in case he could tell me more about what happened. Apparently I'm descended from angels, Azata specifically and I've gained some of their abilities. He said that I have some minor resistances to certain elemental energies and that it would explain why I can see really well in the dark. He also said though that sometimes angels keep a close eye on any aasimar with strong celestial blood so I guess we'll see if anything like that happens in the future. Hopefully not. Our last class for the day was Drama where we were given a small part of a script and were asked to look it over for next week. Remembering mum's request this morning I decided that I'd only attend the first thirty minutes of the counselling session today. I learned that it's actually run by a pair of 3rd year boys: a human warpriest and a halforc monk. While I was there I also met a samurai who has the same problem that I have so I got to talking with him. Eventually though I headed off home and was greeted with mum and dad speaking with another man. He looked like a tiefling or maybe an ifrit who I learned was actually a royal guard. He asked about what happened on Sunday and I was as truthful as I could be. Strangely though he asked if there was anything I wanted to wish for but since nothing came to mind he left soon after. Later on in the day I got a pretty big surprise when he returned accompanied with Viscardi. Apparently his Grandad has been arrested and he needs a place to stay for a few days. I think he's in the guest room right now so I'll see how he's doing in the morning. 

So, to conclude, today I learned that I'm part angel and Viscardi will be living here for a few days. All in all it's been a pretty surprising day for everyone.

Achlys' Journal - 2
A Crazy Old Man

Well this weekend was rather odd. Started normal enough, went to Central Plaza to buy some things. Managed to get some clothes that actually fit me for a change, although they are nothing fancy. Man, having gold is great. Met Ari there as well. She had the same idea as me, spending our hard-earned gold. She was looking for clothes of a higher quality though, couldn’t help much in that regard. Went home after that to continue training and studying, can’t afford to fall behind.

Sunday was an entirely different matter. Got up early to start making my introduction brownies when I saw a commotion outside. Dad was heading out when he was attacked by a bird monster thing. I wasn’t just going to stand idly by and watch that monster attack my dad so I rushed out to assist. That may have been an error of judgement. I tried to cast a spell on it but the magic just gave out around it. Some form of innate magical resistance? It then turned its attention to me. Thankfully Dad was there to throw a magical bolt at it to stop it flying away with me. It then turned tail and fled. After a few moments of bewilderment, we all went back to normal and I finished making my brownies (delicious as always). Then it came back, with a note. Apparently, it was sent by Viscardi’s grandad to pick me up. I figured at this point it’d be best to go along with it just to avoid another scene like before. Not to mention I was curious as to what the hell was going on.

Didn’t take long to arrive at Viscardi’s house. Bigger than my house (although that’s hardly an achievement) but pretty run down. I guess antipaladins aren’t big on the whole “house maintenance” thing. Inside was Ari, Viscardi and a very elderly Drow that I assumed was his grandfather. The old man seemed rather enthusiastic and was asking us about who we were, what we did, how we were getting on and so forth. It could’ve been rather nice if we weren’t essentially kidnapped and the bird monster wasn’t in the room. It was also at this point Viscardi presented me with a bell. A bell. Am I a cat or something? To his credit it was purely out of concern for me, he was rather worried about an incident similar to the orphanage happening again. Still in two minds about it, although I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was thoughtful. I was pretty angry at the time but that had more to do with the kidnapping. Then I saw Dad. He’d followed us via shadow projection. I always thought that was so cool, can’t wait until I can do it myself. Unsurprisingly Dad was not best pleased about the kidnapping and said he’d be back later. The crazy old man, satisfied with our answers let us go and we walked Ari back to her parents. They were rather worried, which wasn’t helped by Ari suddenly acting panicked once she saw them. The look on Viscardi’s face was hilarious. Nice parents though, seem to really care and do their best. After that Viscardi and I rushed back to the Blackwood home to get my dad. There was a… difference in opinion on whether abduction via bird monster was acceptable conduct. Things looked like they were about to kick off when Viscardi managed calm things down a little and get my dad to leave. Dad wasn’t terribly happy about the entire incident or the fact I was friends with an antipaladin. I keep trying to tell him Viscardi isn’t an insane lunatic like the rest of his family (apparently his granddad is one of the saner members of the family) but doesn’t seem to help any. All in all, it was certainly an interesting day.

Monday went pretty well. My brownie introduction strategy worked great and I met most of my classmates. Even met someone in the other class. A boy by the name of Suwek. A bit moody but he knows sign! I may have given him more brownies than anyone else (encouragement for everyone else) and had a nice time chatting with him. Ended up with an invitation to his house. Wouldn’t mind another study partner, especially one whose family has their own library. Have to give heads up apparently, something about his family being preoccupied with “security”. I guess I’ll ask if Thursday is okay. I’ll be working my new job Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nothing much else happened. Ms Borghaki was absent today so the librarian took the class. Asked him if he found anything about my mark. Nothing yet but he says he’ll tell me if he finds anything. As for PE itself Averandus and Viscardi were at it again. This time both toting magic weapons. I am somewhat concerned at this rate of escalation. Viscardi won, barely.

One final note, Millbit is scary and boring.

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Four

Heading home from the orphanage I mentioned to the others that I was going to Dragons Bazar later but it seems they didn't want to meet up. Which is fine, I guess. At home dad had met a friend of his. An old adventuring buddy. It was weird to see him happy, I guess he probably isn't too happy about mum and I technically tying him down. Even had food prepared although I usually prefer to go without. Although he did mention that granddad was coming to look after me as he and mum were both going to be gone. I have mixed feelings about Granddad Blackwood. On the one hand he was a Royal Guard to the ancient Drow nobility and are our closest connection to that noble birthright. On the other hand he raised mum and that comes with a hell of a lot of baggage. Then his wording hit me, he said, "my dad", as in Granddad Arthed. I'd never met that side of the family before, or heard anything about them. Either way I went to my room got cleaned and for a change am greatly thankful for the powerful showers in the house, although that is somewhat ruined with the knowledge that it's to clean blood off more than anything else.

In dragons bazar I had a great day. Found some gullible idiot to seel the Choker parts to. Managed to get 200 gold off him even though I was only gunning for 100. Then came the issue of the armour I was after. I found a forge master and a dwarven one at that. But he shone with goodness and I couldn't help but notice the glare coming from him as I approached. Despite the rocky start he was reasonable but I imagine if I wasn't secreting evil as a moved he'd have been a little more civil. However, I was impressed with the deal we eventually came to. In exchange for publicising the origin of the armour both in person and during the third year tournament he slashed the price in half. Still out of my current capacity but much more achievable than the norm. Besides I'd rather a bespoke set as opposed to the standard sizes of the Central Plaza.

I thought I should head to said district for a while. After all I might bump into Achlys or Arianna. Sadly despite Eliise living there she said she'd be grounded and even  she wouldn't be ableto get out of it. However, I met… umm whatshername. That'un. Ummm. Yeah I didn't know her name but she might not know mi… Well now I feel like an ass. We walked together and chatted away. Maybe I was a bit harsh on her. Sure her Elven cliques was a bit annoying but they've never done anything against me.  We discussed school and family, mainly history rather than present. After she got her Elven curved blade she invited me to hers. Her mum was nice and asked if it was Lessna. Immediately memorizing it I was rather disappointed this was not in fact her name. Eventually I learned it was Illora, only took an entire day of internal screaming of frustration.

Her father was quite intimidating and "politely told us to play in the garden in his sight. He knew my surname and it's connotations which was quite… something. I couldn't help but notice for an elf he had some distinguishing features. He was incredibly pale and sallow skinned. Possibly half drow? Anyway we trained for a bit and had the most amazing dinner I've ever had. Tea is amazing, I have to learn how to brew it. I was going to take my leave when Theoduin said he'd escort me. I expected to get a lecture but instead he told me he had great respect fot my families loyalty to the Children of the Silver Star in their last days. I was incredibly surprised. It's rare anyone knows of them let alone respects their defenders. Then came the expected lecture that I was to do nothing untoward with his daughter as Purebloods are not meant to associate with our kin. His words not mine so I'm allowed to say it.

After I came home I listened to Granddad prattle away about the old days. While a lot of it was utter nonsense I did learn quite a lot. Namely that the fall of the Children of the Silver Star was an internal coup rather than an external assault. But I learned a lot about my Arthed heretige or lack thereof. They were the poison blood slave warriors. The front line troops of the Silver Star Armies. Ruthless killing machines that delighted in their battle prowess and I was sitting opposite one that's lived into his 4th century. What I was a tad dissapointed to learn I lacked was his poison blood which he shoed me by stabbing himself and stabbing me. It wasn't as bad as I usually get it and at least a learning experience. 

In the morning though I was to learn just how mad he was as he sent his demon out to capture Arianna and Achlys. With varying degrees of success. I sent a note for the retrieval of Achlys because he was actually hard to get a hold of… for a deaf kid. When they all arrived Granddad just asked about them about their skills and classes and how they were getting on. He was surprisingly positive. Then I realised Achlys was signing at a wall and the shadow.. from nowhere was waving back and the demon was screaming at it. Granddad berated the demon and then began shooing away the shadow because it was undead.

After he was done questioning them he said we should leave to play together. Well sort of. I went with Arianna to try and apologise to both her and her parents for what happened. As she got to her parents she began hyperventilating and getting very panicked. Seems singing is not her only theatrical talents because her parents ate it up despite her being perfectly fine until then. I apologised to her parents and tried to fix as much of the damage as I could. Then came Achlys' dad who had went to confront my granddad personally. Fairplay to him but this just made it even more difficult. At this point my secret of being an anti-paldin is out to nearly a third of the damn class. Then I saw something I never like to see in my family, a calm, collected threat. His entire arm bursting into green flame as he stared Mr Obscurus down. Who thankfully left soon after and I ran after them to calm the situation down. It could have went better. Once again I've been ordered to not corrupt a fellow student although this was the first time I was told not to bring them home with me. As if I would ever do so voluntarily. Crap I completely forgot Arianna's family offered to let me stay with them. How are they so easy to get along with and their daughter who I've helped on several occasions is so difficult?

For the utter disaster that Sunday was Monday was pretty damn good. Granddad wanted to go to school with me and I immediately thought of a way to resolve the situation, go to Mr Kalaeny. It was… not what I expected. Granddad just froze where he stood listened to the principle who covered for me exceptionally but already knew my Granddads name (Zandron). So classes went pretty normally with me doing relatively well although and helped the paladin. In planar studies I tried to help Kanen by stopping her falling asleep. I was technically successful, just not in the way I desired. Achlys brought in brownies and I'm pretty sure became the most popular kid in our class. Finally P.E. came around and I got a rematch with Averandus where Ms Borgakhi wouldn't stop us. It was an interesting one where I tried every advantage available and he countered it incredibly effectively. It was a proper fight but I prevailed. 

Got a part time job and went to an after school club but that doesn't matter in comparison to what my Granddad said. Apparently during the Fall of the Children of the Silver Star, he had been in a great battle and seen Mr Kalaeny atop a mound of dead Drow Royal Guards. The bodies arranged into a pattern and it was the one time my Grandfather paused in battle and didn't attack. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MY HEADTEACHER?!


BTW Satan is still amazing



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