Arianna DuRellion

Aasimar daring champion


Often quiet, polite and with an overtly friendly demeanour Few would have reason to dislike her or peg her as a competent combatant. Her lithe frame, shining eyes and flowing blonde hair may make her appear unassuming and unthreatening but when wielding her trusty rapier she is a force to be reckoned with in any battle.

That said, she would much rather avoid such sordid affairs, preferring to discuss or talk her way out of a bad situation before conflict can start.

Engaging and personable, she is also seen as overly trusting to the point of being gullible and only time will tell whether or not this proves to be advantageous in making new allies or if it will lead to a dangerous trap with dire consequences.


Born into indentured servitude alongside her mother, Arianna grew up in service to a small band of hill giants, forced to work their sizeable farms while under the constant gaze and scrutiny of her captors. Growing up she never knew who her biological father was as her mother refused to talk of him and would change the subject when pressed on the matter. On top of this, whether due to ignorance or an unwillingness to disclose the matter she failed to inform her of her celestial heritage which, to this day, Arianna remains unaware of.

This changed however when, during a dawn in her sixth year, her captors were beset upon by a force of warriors led by a man, clad in shining plate armour atop a mighty steed who charged towards the monsters. The skirmish that followed was protracted and bloody as Arianna listened to the cacophony of shouting men, groaning giants and the crunching of giant clubs against bone and armour from a small crawl space her mother brought her to.
When the sounds of battle were replaced with a bitter silence she emerged to see the devastation that surrounded her, the ground saturated with the blood of men and giant alike and the moaning of injured warriors surrounded by others attempting to staunch bleeding or set broken limbs. Amongst the corpses that littered the field she was soon horrified to discover the bruised and battered body of the woman who had raised her these last six years. She collapsed to the ground, tears streaming down her face and as her surroundings became clouded she could just make out a figure approaching her, light glinting off his now muddied armour. To this day she still doesn’t know what this man’s motivations were or why he did what he did next but that didn’t matter to her. As the man removed his helmet he held his hand out to her and with it offered her a new home.

As it turned out the man, Ser Reynaud DuRellion and his wife Genelle were both members of an order of knights known as cavaliers who were sworn to uphold their personal honour and maintain peace in the land and whether through pity or sympathy adopted the young girl into their family. While it took many months for Arianna to stop grieving for her mother and friends she at least found herself in a warm and welcoming home and came to love her new family as much as her previous. It was even at her insistence that they began training her in the ways of the cavalier at age ten. However this proved to be a greater challenge than either of them expected as her form, while thin and graceful, was unsuited towards straight up physical fighting. That and despite many attempts she could never handle a mount who on more that one occasion knocked her off onto the ground. It wasn’t until news of a band of seafaring warriors defeating a fleet of pirates reached them that her father was hit with a moment of inspiration. It was at this moment that Arianna was taught a new hybrid style of combat, one that combined the dexterous and graceful fighting style of these seafarers with the dedication of a cavalier.

That said, her studies were hardly constricted to martial training. She was taught the subtle nuances of diplomacy and developed her acrobatic skills to help with her new fighting style. She even learned how to play the harp with the skill to match a professional bard and her singing voice was described by many as angelic. While she attempted to learn a number of languages she struggled with most but strangely, she found that she took to celestial without any issues, much to the surprise of her parents.

Now, on her thirteenth birthday her parents believe that they have taught her all that they can at this point and so, hoping for her to continue her studies they seek an academy that can help hone her talents. Through their search one name seems to come up quite frequently and they hope that stories of this Kalaeney are not exaggerated.

Arianna DuRellion

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