Kalaeny's School for Gifted Young Children

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Three

Gainful Employment

The day could have started better. Mum was displeased with my insistence that we should own slaves. Despite my exceptional explanations and reasoning she shot it down. I then tied to convince dad… mistakes were made. I surprised hm and got a curse right to the face. While dying from the inside our I white lied that mum said he was to capture a child, preferably a wizard for me to break in. He saw through it and sent me to school. One trip to the nurse later and I was back in class. I get that we're the wrong sort but I'm surprised nothing has happened about me coming in mortally wounded twice in my first week.

Well we have a new student, a quiet broody sot I thought. Then I realised he was deaf as a post and couldn't speak. His clothes look even more run down than my own, which is really saying something. Despite this he tries to keep up appearances. He was very amiable and I couldn't help but notice that captain fuckwit was glaring at him. Is there anyone that pompous ass doesn't judge?

Turns out I am to be Achylus' tutor (I hope I'm spelling that right) I think it'll be great, for one thing he shares my enthusiasm for money. First was P.E where our newest classmate was pitted against the witch. It was a simple if uneventful fight as the witch made a good show but was and I quote, "bad touched," to death.

After their fight we were given the chance to challenge people to duels. I naturally challenged Lord Dipshit. After setting some ground rules we entered the arena, although not before I got Achylus to agree to help in anyway he could. Spellcasters and whatnot. So it began well both of us landing blows. Then he dropped his hammer and held his axe with both hands. Realizing the stakes were being raised I thought I should do something, so I dropped the trident and used the Matriarchs Whip. It was an all or nothing gambit and it did NOT work. It tore through his armour and defences but I could feel the lash across myself as it gouged into him. His final attack missed and I was about to finish him (and probably myself), then the teacher stopped me. I tried to wriggle free but it was incredibly hopeless. Scolded we were sent to the nurses office. Although not before I overheard the Elves discussing my apparent wealth. Idiots. Although maybe there's something to be gained from this.

During break we found a job advertisement, surprisingly good pay for glorified babysitting once a week. 

Ten there was general studies, I once again delved into the history, lore and theological debate of our greatest Angel, Satan. Turns out he was originally the most beautiful angel in the heavens, so much so that he questions God's perfection and in the ensuing revolt he was banished to hell along with his followers. Here he retreated to his throne and did little in the running of hell. Eventually Asmodeus the Arch-Traitor rallied all but three of the Arch-Devils to rebel against Satan. Eventually he was overcome and defeated as one of his allies betrayed him when defeat seemed inevitable. Cast our he created Infernus. He is Infernus and Infernus is he. From there he plots his revenge, which will be successful. Then on Dark Cardinals it is simply his servants and worshippers. Their prime enemies are the good and servants of Asmodeus. Well I guess I need to break this mace, chosen weapon of the Arch-Heretic and all.

At Lunch Achylus wanted to go back to the library and search for something about evil marks. I think it was Daemons we eventually settled on. Creepy things… I don't think I ever want to see Abbadon. River Styx was unpleasant.

Then there was assembly, basically just telling us all how good the school is and that we shouldn't go the 5th floor right wing because we'd be in mortal peril… Yeah Eliise obviously ignored this warning and found some abomination but was rescued in time.

The orphanage job was better than I dreamed, I thought we'd just be there until late but it turns out we have to stay over. Amazing! I don't have to go home on Fridays and I have general studies to study Satan. Fridays are the best. Looking after the kids was dull, although I did sneak in a little story about Satan, build it up gradually and not quite make it so overt that I'm converting them. Never done this before. Although between Rogues and Barbarians it'll be hard to cultivate Lawful Evil. Maybe one rogue will be an assassin.

Then came the noises. Eliise head banging from downstairs and I found that our rooms had been searched. By something that seemed to have claws. Achylus was attacked which for a deaf kid hiding in the dark was unideal because I had no idea for a while. Don't think he's quite forgiven me for not being there. Then we searched the cellar. There is some kind of tunnel.

The screech, it was terrifying. We though a child had been attacked and raced to rescue them. Well Arianna and Eliise did. Achylus had reasonably gone to bed as he was weakened and drained of magic. I would have but was attacked from behind. It had made a mistake touching me. I didn't struggled I just held it and blue flames eurupted from my hand as it let out a squel of fear and pain. It was easy to pull off me as I went for another attack. It tried to flee down the tunnel. I was wounded and it was a risk but I used the whip and tore it's back apart, mine too. After reconveening I took the creatures eyes, the ones in the hands for good measure. We disposed of the bodies, dealt with a creepy kid who said they were his friends and went to bed.

In the morning we were paid double to keep our mouths shut. I was just glad we weren't in trouble. I thought the orphanage owner might have been keeping them to keep the children in line. So with the gold in our pockets hopefully Saturday will be just as eventful. Oh and before I fell asleep I did another two sketches.

The Fall


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