Kalaeny's School for Gifted Young Children

Achlys' Journal - 1

New School

Well, first day at Kalaeny’s went really great! I was expecting things to be super awkward (and they still kind of were) and everyone to hate me and ignore me but they didn’t. Although the paladin was weirded out by me, I guess he’s still trying to figure out why I’m not evil, or why he’s not allowed to smite me. I even made some friends. I think. A drow boy by the name of Viscardi was assigned my tutor and he’s really helpful. Which I guess is weird because he told me he’s actually an anti-paladin!!! I thought all anti-paladins were about killing, maiming, burning and so on. He’s seems pretty ordered and structured and… sane. The day was fairly uneventful until we got to PE and the teacher (Ms Borghaki) wanted to assess my abilities so I had to duel a witch called Darius. To be thrust into a fight so suddenly was pretty scary but I steeled myself, threw out my best death glare and got stuck in. I actually managed to win! Although it wasn’t a terribly impressive display by either of us. The real fight was Viscardi against the paladin. Viscardi discreetly asked for my help during the duel. Who was I to turn him down? Not only is he my tutor but I’m hardly a fan of paladins myself and he could owe me one. Couldn’t do much to help though, teacher saw my attempt at spellcasting. Haven’t really used the sign system much outside of practice, I have to be more careful. What was cool though was when Viscardi pulled out this totally cool whip. I think it was magical given it went straight through the paladin’s armour… and cut Viscardi as well. Teacher broke up the duel after that and we all went to the nurse’s office.

After that was history. I managed to keep up well enough I think. Something about some giant dragon invasion. The emperor and his guard fought against this giant dragon and some dude came out of nowhere to help. I got the specifics in my notes somewhere. Miss Dolaeneth then asked the class for suggestions on what to teach as the syllabus hasn’t officially started yet. Couldn’t think of anything at the time but I just realised what would be super cool. The history of the Royal Guards. How they were formed, what they do, what it takes to be one, all that stuff is super interesting. Also, just think how rich they must be and how cool their job must be. When you are that strong and respected I imagine you want for nothing. After that was a short break and then general studies. Usually people study what they want but I had to be caught up. I think I got most of it but nature studies are really hard. At least Viscardi was nice enough to loan me his notes. Lunch was next and I met a couple more people. Eris, a very chaotic rogue and Arianna, some dashing fighter type I imagine. Arianna seemed nice, brought some kind of counselling afterschool activity to my attention. It’s for people who are “different”. I’m not sure I’ll like it but I should probably go. I should also check out the other afterschool activities, there’s bound to be something fun.

School seemed to end early with all afterschool clubs cancelled. Something about the 5th floor being out of bounds. Eris went off to investigate, but she joined us later for the job we found. Oh my god, I totally forgot to ask about that. Oh well, I guess I’ll ask Monday. Anyway, the job. Seemed simple enough, work for 3-4 people at an orphanage bordering Slag District, with 50gp each. All we had to do was look after the kids for the night while the owner attended some meetings. It started well enough but it became readily apparent things were… weird. Her insistence we follow the rules set out for the kids ourselves, including locking our doors and going to bed at like 7pm. The fact that the kids were locked in their rooms. From the inside. The overly large wall around the orphanage. The reason for all these things became abundantly clear about midnight. I was watching the hallway that led to the children’s rooms due to my suspicions when something dropped on me. It then proceeded to strangle the life out me. Funny thing, when you are pretty much out spells, can’t call for help and are being slowly suffocated by some strange monster in a dark, spooky manor, you start to feel a little afraid. Thankfully the others charged in and saved me, although Viscardi took his sweet ass time. I wanted to help them deal with this but the duel earlier that day ate up most of my spells so I just went back to my room, locked the door and went to sleep.

I woke up feeling great, the very nasty bruising left by the monster gone. I was also quite shocked to see my pay for the job doubled. Apparently, the owner didn’t want word of this getting out so she incentivised us not blabbing. This is the kind of incentive I can get behind. All in all, a good end to the week. I can’t wait for next week! I think I’ll actually introduce myself to other people in the class. Better bake some cookies or brownies to hand out as well. As for this gold, well it bought this journal but I’m not sure what else to do with it. I guess I’ll save it up for now.

For now though, the weekend!


Nat1 Sabda

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