Kalaeny's School for Gifted Young Children

Arianna's diary: entry 3


When  this week began I thought I wouldn't have much to say about Friday given that it's the shortest day of the week. However given that I'm writing this on Saturday morning those expectations were somewhat dashed. the day started out with an unexpected surprise in home room where we were introduced to a new boy in our class. His name is Achlys and Mr Ohanis told us that he's an oracle who was born deaf. Also while I don't want to infer anything from what he was wearing it looks like he was wearing a second hand uniform so his family might not be in the best shape. He has a small chalk board with him so that we can talk but I think it's only right that I try and learn sign language over the next few weeks, given that he joined us late it's only right that we try to do something to help him feel welcome. 

Anyway our first class was PE with Ms Borgakhi where she had Achlys duel with the witch boy in our class. I think his name is Darius but I might need to double check that. It actually went pretty well for Achlys as he kept poking Darius in the chest and eventually knocked him out, even when he summoned an eagle to peck at his face. After the duel Ms Borgakhi asked if any of us wanted to duel and Viscardi immediately challenged Averandus. What I found strange was that he didn't use a glaive which I thought was his deities favoured weapon and instead used an axe. The fight went well enough until Viscardi dropped his trident and pulled out a really creepy looking whip. When it hit Averandus it looked like it also hit him in the head too. Though the fight never came to an end as Ms Borgakhi took Viscardi by the wrists and called off the duel. Why he would use a thing like that is beyond me but I'm more worried about who gave it to him. Anyway after that it was history with Miss Dolaeneth where we learned… something. I think I might have dozed off actually but I think it had something to do with the play we took part in on Tuesday. 

After that we had a quick break so I got to see Mr Kalaeney in his office. I told him that I would take him up on his offer about the after school club on Wednesday and I also asked him if Viscardi and Eriis were in trouble yesterday. He said that they did do something but that it's all ok now. While I was there he asked me to tell Achlys about the support group on Tuesdays, apparently oracles usually get invited to join. After break it was extended general studies. I got to speak with Achlys about the Tuesday group and he seemed interested enough and he seems like a really sweet boy. After that I thought I would read up on Shelyn, Averandus' deity, and found out that she is a goddess of the arts among other things. After that we attended Mr Kalaeney's assembly where we were told not to go up to the 5th floor and that the day's after school clubs were cancelled. That said, Achlys approached me and told me that he, Viscardi and Eriis were thinking about taking up a job at a nearby orphanage and wanted to know if I'd join them. Deciding that I could do with the extra money and having some experience looking after my little sister Sariel when mum and dad had to leave on the rare occasion I thought it might be fun. Eriis arrived a bit later than us as she decided to check out the 5th floor, definitely not asking about that, and myself and Achlys had to rush home and let our parents know we'd be busy for the day. 

In all honesty I was a bit worried when I met the kids, mostly because there were 24 of them and the orphanage itself, Rays of Hope, was on the border between Central Plaza and Slag District. But when I got the meet them they really seemed to like me and Viscardi in particular. Speaking of, the two of us helped them with their reading while Eriis and Achlys set up a small obstacle course in the playground. I think they may have made it too hard for them though as one or two of them fell and scraped a knee or two. After that Achlys made them their meals while the rest of us cleaned things up. Viscardi told them a few stories and I sang them a lullaby or two. Things went pretty smoothly all things considered but the strange thing was the rules we were given. In particular that all the doors should be locked, even those for each kid's room. Later on in the night we found out why though. Eriis found a hatch in the groom cupboard that led down to the basement and also saw something lift it up. Checking on the kids upstairs we found that the doors for our bedrooms were open and Achlys was promptly attacked by a monstrous little creature that immediately tried to choke him. It didn't take much to kill it mind you, one swift stab to the neck with my rapier brought it down. What we later found was that it wasn't alone, as a large one strangled Eriis in the kitchen and another one dragged Viscardi into the basement. Eriis and I took down the big one while Viscardi got his one in the back with a trident which is when we found out that there was a tunnel dug into the basement. Getting a look at the creature they really did look ghastly, with long disjointed limbs and eyed on the palms of their hands it near enough made me sick. What was odd though was that we saw a little boy  after the commotion who apparently knew about the chokers and told us that they're actually a common occurrence.

Anyway,we woke up the next morning with twice the promised pay to keep quiet about the fight which means 100 gold in pocket for looking after some sweet kids and fighting some monsters. All in all a pretty nice deal. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll get another hour or two of sleep just to rest off the slight pain around my neck.


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