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Arianna's diary: entry 4


So, after the events of last night I got a bit of extra sleep this morning and my neck felt right as rain afterwards. Deciding that I would go out and spend some of my newly earned money I headed off to Central Plaza and browse some of the shops and stalls there. While looking around I found a new, good looking outfit to wear at a pretty decent price and I stumbled across nicely sized games shop. While perusing their stuff I found some packs of a fairly popular trading card game that had some of the coolest looking card art I've ever seen. Deciding that I might as well give it a try I bought a couple of packs and was surprised with one of the cards I got. It had a picture of a black dragon on it, apparently the one from that story we learned about in drama and history. Not only that but from what I heard only one of these has ever printed and it's meant to be one of the most powerful cards in the game. Definitely have to be careful if I take it to school, just in case. I also ran into Achlys who was out looking for some new clothes. We talked for a bit but he couldn't stay long since he had to get home to study and bake apparently. I really need to invite him over sometime, maybe on Tuesday if he goes to the after school club. Or better yet maybe I could ask to come round to his house, I'd love to try out some baking we'll see. Not much happened after that though. I pretty much headed home but I'm pretty happy to have a nice quiet day after a pretty hectic week. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as relaxing. 


You know I wasn't really expecting much to happen today. Mum and Dad would probably drag me and Sariel to church which I still don't get. I mean, I understand why paladins and clerics worship them but if you don't choose to get any special powers from praying then what's the point? You jus make the other God's mad that you aren't worshipping them right? Anyway I'm getting off topic here, because I didn't actually get the chance to go to church today as a was woken up by a terrifying abomination that flew in through my window, grabbed hold of me and flew us away to, of all places, Viscardi's house. When we landed it pointed to the house and screeched "friendship" at me. Not wanting to make it angry I tried to remain composed as I walked in and was met with the sight of a seemingly enfeebled drow man, using a sword as some sort of cane, and wearing heavy armour. Also, Viscardi was sitting next to him. The man started asking me questions and he mentioned that this was a house for antipaladins or something. Which means that Viscardi is an antipaladin. Why he didn't just tell me is anyone's guess but I think I need to have a word with him at some point. Anyway, a bit later Achlys joined us, for some reason Viscardi sent him a note along with the big creepy bird demon. Something else to bring up to him. Also, his dad can apparently turn himself into a shadow which is pretty cool. Soon enough though we were all excused and without a second thought I ran back home with Viscardi following to try and explain what happened. Thankfully we found them before we got home as they had heard the commotion in my room and were out searching for me. Quickly they dismounted from their horses and gave me a tight hug as I started hyperventilating, the stress of everything all coming out at once. I don't really remember much of what happened after that, they may or may not have asked Viscardi if he could tutor me on how to ride a horse I'll need to double check that. What I do know is that I'm writing this in bed with a nice cup of tea with my window securely locked. And to think that yesterday was so nice.


After yesterday there wasn't really much that stood out about today. I saw Viscardi walking with the senile old coot he calls his grandfather walking to school and decided to keep a WIDE birth of them. Music went pretty well, I think my singing got the attention of a bunch of my other classmates. After that was Arcane Studies where we were continuing with elementals. At break though Achlys brought in some brownies that he had made yesterday for everyone and they were really good as well. Again, I really should ask if I can come over tomorrow I'd love to know how he made them. Anyway, it was Extraplanar studies after that which went as well as it usually did i.e not well at all though on the plus side I stayed awake this time. We did get interrupted by Viscardi though who yelped when his hand started bleeding. Seriously what is wrong with Dr Millbit. After that it was Divine studies which kind of just happened really. Finally after lunch was PE but not with Ms Borgakhi this time. Mr Vernon the librarian was covering for her today and just let anyone duel for the lesson. Viscardi immediately challenged Averandus and really gave him a beating. I did notice though that he's finally started using a glaive which I think is good news. The day ended after homeroom where Mr Ohanis told us that there's gonna be a field trip in a few months time and we'll need our parents to sign a form saying that we can go. All in all it's been a pretty quiet day which I'm pretty thankful for. 


Nat1 OnionknightStu

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