Kalaeny's School for Gifted Young Children

Viscardi's Secret "Ciphered" Journal - Entry Four


Heading home from the orphanage I mentioned to the others that I was going to Dragons Bazar later but it seems they didn't want to meet up. Which is fine, I guess. At home dad had met a friend of his. An old adventuring buddy. It was weird to see him happy, I guess he probably isn't too happy about mum and I technically tying him down. Even had food prepared although I usually prefer to go without. Although he did mention that granddad was coming to look after me as he and mum were both going to be gone. I have mixed feelings about Granddad Blackwood. On the one hand he was a Royal Guard to the ancient Drow nobility and are our closest connection to that noble birthright. On the other hand he raised mum and that comes with a hell of a lot of baggage. Then his wording hit me, he said, "my dad", as in Granddad Arthed. I'd never met that side of the family before, or heard anything about them. Either way I went to my room got cleaned and for a change am greatly thankful for the powerful showers in the house, although that is somewhat ruined with the knowledge that it's to clean blood off more than anything else.

In dragons bazar I had a great day. Found some gullible idiot to seel the Choker parts to. Managed to get 200 gold off him even though I was only gunning for 100. Then came the issue of the armour I was after. I found a forge master and a dwarven one at that. But he shone with goodness and I couldn't help but notice the glare coming from him as I approached. Despite the rocky start he was reasonable but I imagine if I wasn't secreting evil as a moved he'd have been a little more civil. However, I was impressed with the deal we eventually came to. In exchange for publicising the origin of the armour both in person and during the third year tournament he slashed the price in half. Still out of my current capacity but much more achievable than the norm. Besides I'd rather a bespoke set as opposed to the standard sizes of the Central Plaza.

I thought I should head to said district for a while. After all I might bump into Achlys or Arianna. Sadly despite Eliise living there she said she'd be grounded and even  she wouldn't be ableto get out of it. However, I met… umm whatshername. That'un. Ummm. Yeah I didn't know her name but she might not know mi… Well now I feel like an ass. We walked together and chatted away. Maybe I was a bit harsh on her. Sure her Elven cliques was a bit annoying but they've never done anything against me.  We discussed school and family, mainly history rather than present. After she got her Elven curved blade she invited me to hers. Her mum was nice and asked if it was Lessna. Immediately memorizing it I was rather disappointed this was not in fact her name. Eventually I learned it was Illora, only took an entire day of internal screaming of frustration.

Her father was quite intimidating and "politely told us to play in the garden in his sight. He knew my surname and it's connotations which was quite… something. I couldn't help but notice for an elf he had some distinguishing features. He was incredibly pale and sallow skinned. Possibly half drow? Anyway we trained for a bit and had the most amazing dinner I've ever had. Tea is amazing, I have to learn how to brew it. I was going to take my leave when Theoduin said he'd escort me. I expected to get a lecture but instead he told me he had great respect fot my families loyalty to the Children of the Silver Star in their last days. I was incredibly surprised. It's rare anyone knows of them let alone respects their defenders. Then came the expected lecture that I was to do nothing untoward with his daughter as Purebloods are not meant to associate with our kin. His words not mine so I'm allowed to say it.

After I came home I listened to Granddad prattle away about the old days. While a lot of it was utter nonsense I did learn quite a lot. Namely that the fall of the Children of the Silver Star was an internal coup rather than an external assault. But I learned a lot about my Arthed heretige or lack thereof. They were the poison blood slave warriors. The front line troops of the Silver Star Armies. Ruthless killing machines that delighted in their battle prowess and I was sitting opposite one that's lived into his 4th century. What I was a tad dissapointed to learn I lacked was his poison blood which he shoed me by stabbing himself and stabbing me. It wasn't as bad as I usually get it and at least a learning experience. 

In the morning though I was to learn just how mad he was as he sent his demon out to capture Arianna and Achlys. With varying degrees of success. I sent a note for the retrieval of Achlys because he was actually hard to get a hold of… for a deaf kid. When they all arrived Granddad just asked about them about their skills and classes and how they were getting on. He was surprisingly positive. Then I realised Achlys was signing at a wall and the shadow.. from nowhere was waving back and the demon was screaming at it. Granddad berated the demon and then began shooing away the shadow because it was undead.

After he was done questioning them he said we should leave to play together. Well sort of. I went with Arianna to try and apologise to both her and her parents for what happened. As she got to her parents she began hyperventilating and getting very panicked. Seems singing is not her only theatrical talents because her parents ate it up despite her being perfectly fine until then. I apologised to her parents and tried to fix as much of the damage as I could. Then came Achlys' dad who had went to confront my granddad personally. Fairplay to him but this just made it even more difficult. At this point my secret of being an anti-paldin is out to nearly a third of the damn class. Then I saw something I never like to see in my family, a calm, collected threat. His entire arm bursting into green flame as he stared Mr Obscurus down. Who thankfully left soon after and I ran after them to calm the situation down. It could have went better. Once again I've been ordered to not corrupt a fellow student although this was the first time I was told not to bring them home with me. As if I would ever do so voluntarily. Crap I completely forgot Arianna's family offered to let me stay with them. How are they so easy to get along with and their daughter who I've helped on several occasions is so difficult?

For the utter disaster that Sunday was Monday was pretty damn good. Granddad wanted to go to school with me and I immediately thought of a way to resolve the situation, go to Mr Kalaeny. It was… not what I expected. Granddad just froze where he stood listened to the principle who covered for me exceptionally but already knew my Granddads name (Zandron). So classes went pretty normally with me doing relatively well although and helped the paladin. In planar studies I tried to help Kanen by stopping her falling asleep. I was technically successful, just not in the way I desired. Achlys brought in brownies and I'm pretty sure became the most popular kid in our class. Finally P.E. came around and I got a rematch with Averandus where Ms Borgakhi wouldn't stop us. It was an interesting one where I tried every advantage available and he countered it incredibly effectively. It was a proper fight but I prevailed. 

Got a part time job and went to an after school club but that doesn't matter in comparison to what my Granddad said. Apparently during the Fall of the Children of the Silver Star, he had been in a great battle and seen Mr Kalaeny atop a mound of dead Drow Royal Guards. The bodies arranged into a pattern and it was the one time my Grandfather paused in battle and didn't attack. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MY HEADTEACHER?!


BTW Satan is still amazing



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